Shirk Is the Biggest Sin In Islam

Ascribing partners unto ALLAH is the biggest sin and this sin will not be pardoned by ALLAH swt. if one does it knowingly than it becomes a greater sin and such people are not only Mushriks but also hypocrites and inhumane.

Throughout in the holy Quran, one thing which is repeatedly said in straight words and in the indirect sense is that there is no other GOD, there can be no GOD except ALLAH. all those gods who are worshiped other than ALLAH have a history and a worldly reason and human logic to worship them. But when it come to worshiping ALLAH swt, there is no worldly reason or history to be associated with it.

We should know that ALLAH swt is our Lord, with our limited capacity of understanding and reasoning we cannot raise finger at HIM nor can we try to grasp the overall concept of worshiping because humans are limited in their understanding. When it is said that something is divine than it should sound divine. if one worships a human like him, he should think that if he is giving status of god to a human, he is actually degrading himself and the whole human society because it will be unjustified to make someone god who cannot save himself from the problems in the world.

Similarly, when one thinks a stone or piece of wood as god, he should think twice that these things cannot even move, they cannot give them any benefit. So it true with the paranormal powers. They cannot be god.
The idea of being GOD is to be the one which is entirely different from us, the one who is ultimate, the one who does not bound HIMSELF into which we are bound. GOD should be creator, GOD must not be creation, this is the only justification one reasonable mind can give.

The GOD is taken as a mean of association, which si wrogn, GOD is not a mean of association with the divine unseen energy but GOD Himself is that divine power. This is what ALLAH swt taught us through HIS prophets, to worship HIM alone and to invoke HIM directly without seeking any means or objects to feel HIM.

ALLAH swt says in Quran that HE is near to us even from our jugular vein. What does it mean? It means that our life is not completely known to us because we are creation.
“Indeed, We have created man, and (so) We are surely aware of every thought that crosses his mind. We are closer to him than his jugular vein.”

This verse is the definition of creation, because here we are told that like a robot maker knows what his robots is from inside, ALLAH knows us what we are from inside. We are different from every other living being in a way that we are not robots, we are creation with free will, even than ALLH knows what we are. This is the reason we cannot ascribe partners to ALLAH swt, because everything else is creation, everything that e know in this universe is creation and bounded and limited but ALLAH swt is free and HE does not need any boundaries nor does HIS worship needs to be bound.

(Forsaking all else and) without Ascribing partners to Him, be a true believer in Allah. Ascribing partners to Him is like falling from the sky and being snatched up by the birds along the way; or being carried off by a tornado to be dropped off in a remote place.

ALLAH swt has said several places in Quran that those who do shirk will be the losers on the Day of Judgment.

Those guilty of Ascribing partners to Allah, will spot those partners (on the Day of Judgment) and will cry out, “Oh our Lord, these are the ones we used to worship besides You!” In response, they will retort, “You are liars!”
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