Greatness of Hazrat Ali R.A

After Muhammad s.a.w.w Muslims were led by the four prominent caliphs of Islam namely, abu bakar siddiq r.a, umar farooq r.a, usman ghani r.a, and ali r.a. from among the four pious men of ALLAH one person who was made as an object of excessive praise and excess following was ali r.a.

He was the fourth caliph of Islam and he was also the husband of hazrat Fatima r.a. the beloved daughter of Muhammad s.a.w.w.  He was also cousin of Muhammad s.a.w.w.

Before hazrat ali r.a became caliph, hazrat usman r.a. was running the govt. very nicely but he had some bitter enemies as well whom we know as shia people today. These people killed usman r.a. and the nest in line was ali r.a. to become caliph. These corrupt people who apparently looked good were hypocrites and they made the matters so complex that believers fought and killed one another. This war was fought between hazrat amir muawiya r.a. and hazrat ali r.a. over the matter of amir ship. But both were pious men of ALLAH and they both would have never even touched each other for the matters so worldly, but since the people of taif were not happy with the peaceful journey of Muslims, so they sowed the seed of hatred among Muslims.

Hazrat ali r.a. shifted his capital to taif and from there he led the matters of the govt. when he took the caliphate ship he was demanded to do justice with usman r.a. but hazrat ali r.a. was not sure of the killers so it took late. This matter was the main reason of war between Muslims. Even after the war hazrat ali r.a. and hazrat Ayesha r.a. along with other companions used to wonder over the situation and the killers of usman r.a.

The caliphate of hazrat r.a. was not easy because he was tried by ALLAH swt in a very strange way. During his times Abdullah bin sabah a jew apparently accepted Islam and he became admirer of hazrat ali r.a. to mislead Muslims he went to the extent of calling ali r.a. ALLAH. He along with his other friends misled the people and it became difficult for hazrat ali r.a. he finally burned those kafirs alive. But even while buring that kafir said that I am right about ali being illah because only god punishes with fire when he is angry. Hence the worshipers of ali r.a. took birth and even today they are here with us calling ali as maula, mushkil kosha, data and attribute with him innocence and infallibility.

Hazrat ali r.a. was very good in mathematics. He was very brave and he was first among the kids to accept Islam. He was dear to our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w because he was husband of faitma r.a. and father or Hassan r.a and hussain r.a.

Shia people associate so much false stories with him that today; it is difficult to authenticate them since they have become so popular. Hazrat ali r.a. was human and a pious man of ALLAH. He was not god, not even infallible and he is free from all the crap associated with him. May ALLAH be pleased with him.
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