The Real Ideals For Muslim Women

The wives of holy prophet s.a.w.w are called mothers of the believers or ummahat ul momineen. The pious mothers of believers are best examples to be followed by the Muslim women across the globe because they spent their lives in  worshiping ALLAH swt and they followed each and everything said by Muhammad s.a.w.w.

They were the luckiest ladies because they spent their lives as wives of Muhammad s.a.w.w, the last messenger of ALLAH. From their lives we will get many lessons to be learnt and to be followed. First and the most important lesson is how they spent their lives.

They were made distinct from other ladies by the orders to them to observe hijab so that the non Muslims could know that they were the umahatul momineen and they could not be teased by the non Muslims. There practice of hijab shows that every Muslim lady should observe hijab to look distinct from other ladies who are non Muslim so that our own distinct identity can be created by our own selves.

The ummahat ul momineen were not all alike in their belonging and in personalities. Muhammad s.a.w.w married some women who were widows and some who were captured in war and some were even divorced. All of them were not from the same background but then when they came under the nikah of Muhammad s.a.w.w, they became of equal rank to the believers and they never spent even a single day of their lives in which they did something to displease their Husband.

The first wife of Muhammad s.a.w.w was hazrat khadija r.a. she was a rich lady abd she married Muhammad s.a.w.w after seeing His honesty. She helped Him in every matter and especially when He s.a.w.w was given prophet hood. She was the first to believe in Him and accepted Islam. She was a true companion of Muhammad s.a.w.w.

The wife who was the most loved one by Muhammad s.a.w.w was hazrat Ayesha r.a. she was very young when she was given in Nikah with Muhammad s.a.w.w. since she was Kid, she was treated so well by Muhammad s.a.w.w that she eventually loved Him so much. She is the lady who narrated around 2000 authentic ahadith and sahaba r.a used to go to her for the matters of fiqah. She was so nice to all that sahaba r.a. even used to ask her about the matters regarding their lives and personal matters.

All the wives of Muhammad s.a.w.w sepnt their lives as pious women. They were given rank of mothers of believers and they carried this rank so well.

They were best mothers and best wives and left best examples for Muslim women to become pious and nice towards their husbands and their relatives as well.

Though mutual jealousy exists in all relations, but the wives of Muhammad s.a.w.w never tried to ditch other wives of Muhammad s.a.w.w to tried to break their homes. This is also an important lesson for those ladies who do not want to be wives of men who have a wife before.

All Muslim ladies should read about umahatul momineen and should learn piousness and piety from them.
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