Abortion and Birth Control Islam's View Point

As the time is passing, traditions and trends are changing. What was considered as a sin few decades ago is now a normal thing. From among the few controversial trends, abortion and birth control are the two issues. These have been criticized and cursed a lot by scholars and different schools of thought. Almost all the scholars of different sects and views agree that abortion is a sin while on the issue of birth control, there is a disagreement based on different  logic.

About abortion, it is the killing of fetus when it is still in mother’s womb. After some time, mother cannot abort her child so this action takes place during the first 4 months. There is a different of opinion regarding abortion of the fetus but mostly scholars agree that if fetus is a danger to mother, he can be aborted before the 120 days because after 120 days, fetus is alive i.e rooh is blown in it.

After the time of 120 days, the fetus becomes a living human being and his killing would be the equal to the killing of a human being. Here an important point should be noted. Mostly abortions are done to wipe out any sings of zina or forced rape. In both cases the innocent child must not be killed.

“It is known that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) sent the Ghaamidi woman who was pregnant as a result of zinaa away until she gave birth, then after the birth he sent her away until she had breastfed the child and weaned him. She came back with the child who had a piece of bread. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) gave the child to one of the Muslims, then he gave orders that she should be placed in a hole up to her chest, and commanded the people to stone her. Imaam al-Nawawi said concerning this hadeeth: “A pregnant woman should not be stoned until she gives birth, whether her pregnancy is the result of zina or otherwise. This is agreed upon, lest her foetus be killed. The same applies if her hadd punishment is flogging; a pregnant woman should not be flogged, according to consensus, until she has given birth.” (Saheeh Muslim bi Sharh al-Nawawi, 11/202)”.

So, even though the girl is innocent and she is raped or any other reason for abortion is made, this is an illegal act and killing. Only reason for abortion should be the life risk of mother. Because if mother lives she can have baby once again but if she dies, there will be no chance of her coming back to comfort her other kids or to live again. Therefore the decision in the serious case should be made properly not risking life of mother and child both in any case.

Regarding birth control, there are piles of fatwas against it. It is said that the birth control is an evil trend and it should be abolished and made illegal according to shariah. Again, the matter of birth control should be mainly concerned with the health of mother and also by seeing the other children. Children are a huge responsibility over the parents. The provision of legal relationship and bearing children thereof is no doubt a legal thing which cannot be stopped. But to have a child every year means mother will never be able to see her other children and her kids will be deprived of their right of suckling. The other reason is the health of the mother. If she is not able to keep herself up, she should not be burdened because ALLAH swt Himself says that He does not burden a soul beyond its capacity. In this matter, men should also not burden their wives and they should not take the benefit of a legal provision.

In any case, when a legal provision is taken for granted and is misused it rather becomes a trouble. More children with less mother’s attention will not make them able to grow up like human beings. Upbringing of children is the most important thing parents have to do. Similarly, a healthy mother can give birth to a healthy child and only in this way she can up bring her kids in a healthy environment.

The issues of abortion and birth control have been made controversial. Islam does not restrict us to use our mind. So, any decision taken in the matters mentioned above should be taken after giving due importance to every aspect of the matter.
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