How to treat non-Muslims

The kholoos of a person defines his most important personality aspect. If a person is not morally fine, he will never be fine in anything that belongs to his personality any way. The system of morality of Islam bounds Muslims to be good in dealing and to be fair with the people we meet every day no matter known or unknown.

When it comes to treating Muslims justly, people understand it at once but when it comes to treating non Muslims, people fell to their thoughts of keeping distance from non Muslims instead of treating them in a good way. Before judging people with their religions, we should think that every person who lives on earth is human being first and Islam is the religion for humanity and a torch bearer of peace. Being Muslims we should represent ourselves exactly how Islam teaches us to be.

ALLAH swt says,
“And indeed, you are of a great moral character.”[Quran, 68:4]
Thus, the Muslim ummah has to be of good moral character. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w himself was of best character and nature. This is the reason that even His enemies planned to kill Him, but they never found a single deed of Him which they could base to defame Him. We do not find even a single such incident from history. Muhammad s.a.w.w said;

“The best of you is the best among you in conduct.” [Al-Bukhaari and Muslim]

It is the conduct of the person which makes him either good or bad. If a person does not treat his brethren in fair manner he himself will never receive respect from the people around him nor will such person attain a good place in hereafter because the one who does not care to fulfill haqooq-ul-ibad, he will be questioned and on the day when he will stand before ALLAH, he will not be able to justify his deeds or to find an escape. So we all should very much care about our attitude even when we talk to strangers. It is a common practice among the Muslims that they are found abusing people who are not Muslims or who do not belong to their sect.

Mostly, on internet, in different forums, young Muslims with not enough knowledge are found abusing and fighting with the people of other countries who are mostly non Muslims. It is not permissible to Muslims to abuse others or to target others’ religion in even most sensitive matters. This has been explained in Quranic verse that when believers abuse others gods, they will in turn abuse ALLAH which will not be acceptable or tolerated by Muslims any way. So targeting others religion in any matter will be to invite further useless arguments which are not appreciated in Islam and using bad language is equally bad.

“The heaviest thing to be placed in the balance of a believing slave on the Day of Judgement will be good behaviour. And Allaah hates the one who uses bad language.” [[Al-Bayhaqi]

ALLAH does not like those who use bad language. If we are to observe our moral limits with our Muslim brothers and sisters, why will we considered ourselves exempted from the good behavior for the non Muslims. In fact, with non Muslims we should be more friendly and nice, in this way we will do two tasks at one time, one is to attract them towards Islam and the second will be the good conducts which will make non Muslims feel good about Muslims. There are many examples of Muslims who accepted Islam just because they got attracted by the good behavior of a Muslim. Yusof estes is a well known scholar who was a priest before he entered into the folds of Islam. He got attracted by his Muslim friend who was a practicing Muslim. Thus, that person did not only treat a non Muslim well but also got the honor of attracting a non Muslim and making him achieve the biggest truth on this earth.

Islam is the only religion which emphasizes the most on being good and honorable in conduct and manners. Even when the ignorant are found to bash Muslims or treat them badly with their words, this is what Quran tells them to do;

“And the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth in modesty, and when the ignorant address them [harshly], they say [words of] peace.” [Quran, 25:63]

What else could be nice than this attitude. If we say the words of peace instead of abusing or replying back in the same tone, the bashers will certainly think about their attitude and the reply they got and they will certainly think about Islam and most probably their next step will either be to become good or to accept Islam.

Thus, with few good words and friendly gestures we can change the world around us. The respect which otherwise we cannot get can be given to us only if we become good to others in words and in deeds. When we will take care of our own manners, people around us will take care of their behavior with us. And with non Muslims, this will only make them think good about Islam which is the need of the hour because Islam is being attacked every day by the ignorant devil worshipers who do not want any religion to be more powerful than their evil and false desires.
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