Concept of Hell and Paradise in Islam

Al-Quran 2:025
“Give the good news to those who believe and do the righteous deeds. Theirs shall be the gardens (of Paradise) through which run the rivers. There, as they taste the fruits (of Paradise), they would remark, “This, we were given before, too (in the world)”. There, they would certainly be granted the identical (blessings). There, they shall have pure and immaculate mates. And there, they shall live forever!”

For believers, the gardens of paradise have been promised and not only in Quran but from the day first when Prophet Adam a.s. started human race on earth. We humans had our first parents born on arsh and set their feet in paradise as living human beings.

Al-Quran 4:056
“Of course, We will soon let those who reject Our revelations, burn in the fire of Hell. As often as their hide burns (to a char), We will replace it with a new skin for them, so they may taste the torment (all over again). Allah is the Almighty, the all-Wise!”

Hell is a place worst of the worst places and it will be eternal abode for those who does not believe in ALLAH nor does in the Day of Judgment.

The concept of heaven and hell in Islam are not like the concept of heaven and hell in other religions. In Islam, heaven is for those who fear ALLAH and do righteous deeds. And hell is for all those who make fool of themselves by rejecting the sings of ALLAH or those who feel proud of themselves.

In Quran ALLAH swt has warned us on several places about hell fire and called it a worst place for the people. In hell, there will be no comfort, nor even hope of any comfort or mercy of ALLAH. The people of hell will ask ALLAH to send them back to earth so that they can become good humans which means that this earth which is nothing but an illusion will look better then hell.

While heaven is a place which cannot even be imagined. Its bounties and blessings and pleasures are so much that they cannot be counted. What we imagine to be paradise is so much limited when compared to the actually paradise. ALLAH swt says that the place which is called paradise is not known and can never be imagined by any human being because what we know as comforts and pleasures are limited by our understanding and logic. What the believers will get in heaven will be much more than every comfort of this world.

The best thing about heaven will be that nobody will forget ALLAH swt for even a single second, there will be no time and there will be no limits to anything. There will be no corruption of soul and there will be no hard feelings for anyone. While the worst thing about hell is its eternality, it will be eternal place for wrong doers where they will find punishments worst then even their worst imaginations. In heavens people will receive infinite many times reward of their good deeds while in hell people will receive infinite many times reward for the worst deeds they did. This is why ALLAH swt has warned us time and again to correct ourselves and to do good deeds.

The oft merciful and forgiving ALLAH swt even has said that those who did wrong deed and then they realize at any point of time in their lives and repent sincerely and ask for forgiveness, their previous sins will be washed and they will be entered in jannat.

AL-Quran 3:185
“Every soul shall have to taste death! The day of Resurrection is when you (can and) shall receive your dues to the fullest extent _ (the consequence of your deeds). (That day), whoever is pulled away from hell, and is ushered into the paradise, will really have triumphed. The life of this world is (nothing but) an illusive enjoyment _ a (mere) deception.”

We should ask for forgiveness and seek refuge of ALLAH swt against the hell and all the difficulties that can come our way due to our own deeds.
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