Most important Mosques in the world

Mosques are the places of worship of Muslims where five times daily salah is performed. Mosques are not only places of worship but in Islam, these buildings are given the status of community centers as well. The early Islam witnessed mosques even places to resolve political issues of khilafat and state.

Hence mosques are not only places of worship but they are also places of meeting of the common men as well as the men with ranks. When it comes to salah, every person prostrates before the same GOD i.e. ALLH swt hence mosques are also the places to bring the feeling and sense of equality among Muslim ummah which otherwise cannot be injected into the Muslim society.

Unfortunately, the mosques of today’s era are no more the community centers and their only purpose left is to worship five times a day or some other voluntary prayers. Mosques are now locked mostly and different sects have made their own mosques in which people of other sects are not allowed to come and offer salah.
The sad realities are there but there have been built some really beautiful mosques in the world that are not only the mater pieces but also are the glory of the Muslim world.

Some of those mosques are given below along with their details.

1: masjid-e haram
This is the holiest place in the Islamic world where every Muslim is welcomed irrespective of their sects and their beliefs. Masjid-e haram has the kabah, the qiblah of Muslims and hajj is not completed without going to masjid-e haram to circle the holy kabah.

2:  masjid-e nabwi
This is another holiest place in the Islamic world which has the roza of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w and some other graves of pious men of ALLAH.

3: masjid-e aqsa
This was the first qiblah of Muslims. It is present in the occupied Palestine and jews have occupied it. They are now digging it to make their temple of Solomon from which their false masiha will emerge as per their belief.

4: masjid-e qurtuba
The Cordoba mosque, the great mosque of the Muslims was built by the Muslims when they ruled Spain and entire Europe. This great masjid was them converted into church. One part of it is still locked and the last person who gave azan was alama Muhammad iqbal who offered namaz there.

5: shah faisal masjid
Shah faisal masjid of Pakistan was built by shah faisal of ksa as a gift to Pakistani nation. This mosque has a significance that makes it different from other modern built mosques. It is built on the mouth of a volcano. It is said that the volcano will never erupt since it is holding a mosque.

6: badshahi mosjid
Badshahi masjid located in Lahore is the masjid built by the mughal emperors. This is a huge mosque and is still used to offer salah.
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