Has Undertaker Really Converted to Islam?

Few months ago I wrote a blog post when fake rumor about Mr Bean conversion to Islam was spread over the Internet and now this rumor is spread all over Internet that famous WWE Wrestler Undertaker has converted to Islam and taken Islamic name of Mohammad Ismail.

After proper research of this news I have found that its just a rumor and Undertaker has not become a Muslim. the similar rumor about his conversion also became famous online back in 2011 and now it has happened again in 2014.

a picture of him is also went viral online in which he is shown shaking hand with a old Muslim man in a plane.

such rumor gets popular because its fact that lots of celebrities keeps on accepting Islam time to time so people also believe the fake rumors about some celebrities conversion to be true and share them over social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

So we should be careful before forwarding any news or thing that we hear. It is also the teaching of our religion Islam that do not forward anything that you hear without conforming it. If you want people to convert to Islam then follow it practically in your life and do its Dawah to your non-muslim friends.
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