Sehri and Iftar In Ramadan

It is always loved and liked to eat even a single grain in Ramadan because the month of Ramadan itself is loved and liked. People become somewhat different in Ramadan than their normal lives because routine changes sharply in Ramadan. The eating habits also change. All the eating throughout the day shrinks to between sahar and aftar times. ALLAH swt has permitted muslims to eat and drink between these two times in ramadan.

Al-Quran 2.187
"And eat and drink Until the white thread Of dawn appears to you Distinct from the black thread (of the night)."

Special  foods are prepared for the sahar and aftar times and it is tried to bring max. dishes to the table. Drinks, food items and fresh fruits remain the part of Ramadan. It is proven from ahadith to eat till the fast is closed hence muslims are encouraged to eat well at the time of sahar so thatthey could store enough energy in their body to remain hungry till maghrib.

It is a misconception that people get weak or lose weight in Ramadan or they face troubles regarding their health in Ramadan due to less eating and drinking. It is not true. Nutritionists say that stomach should be provided with little food after every two hours to keep the fats from developing in the body and to keep the stomach at work. While during fast exactly the opposite happens that is, the stomach is provided with no food for constant 12 to 16 hours.

Here, stomach does not work these hours at all and rests. This rest is needed for the stomach because it world 11 months a year day and night. Those who reject Ramadan by saying that in Ramadan eating habits change so is the health destroyed. Medical science has proved that one has to remain hungry for straight 10-12 hours a day if one wants to keep him healthy. I.e. from 8 pm to 8 am. If we can stay hungry till this time to avoid diseases especially stomach and cardiac diseases why cannot we fast? If those 10-12 hours are needed for stomach rest, we given the stomach an exercise to rest at day time as well.

So, the sahar and aftar times in Ramadan should not be taken only as eating times but healthy food intake should be made sure in order for the stomach to get that necessary rest which it needs. To eat fatty food with lots of calories is also not recommended. in aftar and sahar, dates are recommended to be eaten because dates contain that special stomach strengthening content which is not present in any other food.

The sahar and aftar times in Ramadan should be availed by eating healthy food to store energy in the body.
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