Signs of Strong and Weak Iman

AL-Quran 6:161 Say, “In fact my Lord has guided me to the straight path. It is the true eternal faith, and the religion of the community of Ibraheem who worshipped Allah to the total exclusion of all others. He was not an idolater.” Iman or belief or faith can be strong or weak. Those who have strong faith, they do not fear anyone else but ALLAH and they do not follow anything else but what is written in Quran and hadith.

The signs of strong faith or iman are that the person who possesses the strong iman does not bow to those who do not deserve to be bowed. Such a person would always fight for the truth and justice and while fighting in the way of ALLAH, any trials hinder his way; he does not cry or weep but puts his trust in ALLAH.

The men of strong faith were those who were with Muhammad s.a.w.w we have plenty of examples of sahaba ikram r.a. that how they spent their lives once they entered into the faith of Muslims. They never looked back; they never even cared for their families who left unbelievers. They never cared for anything that could stop them from believing ALLAH and following Muhammad s.a.w.w. these early Muslims faced so many problems that today, we cannot even imagine them.

With the passage of time, the iman of people started to grow weaker because they started to indulge into world more than Islam. This is one of the reasons of weak iman that people start looking towards world instead of looking towards ALLAH> they recite Quran, offer namaz and give alms, but when it comes to act in the personal lives, they listen to what world says. They fear about people and they fear about society but they forget that they should fear about ALLAH and the only entity entitles to question them for their deeds is ALLAH, not the people.

The second reason for the weak iman is the distance from religion due to the modernism. Look around you to understand what modernism is! Those who keep beard and those who wear hijab are not more than mullah and mulani and they are called al-qaeda, Taliban, and backward people because they do not walk side by side with the world. As much as one forgets religion, his iman goes weak.

The third reason is the distrust in ALLAH. People literally do not believe in ALLAH, they try to find out the solutions of their problems themselves. They do not have time to invoke ALLAH; instead they have plenty of time to get their jobs done by hook or by crook. Thus, the imans have grown weak because people no longer wish to stay connected with their realities.

The sings of weak iman are when people start fearing the people around them and the world in which they live even in the matters of their personal lives. When people do not trust ALLAH more than they trust their own resolutions, when people do not pray, when people do not spend time in worship but they spend all their day and night in the useless activities, when the daily and obligatory worships become mere duties which they perform half heartedly or do not care to even perform them, when religion becomes a source of show off, when people inclined more towards innovation sin din than the true din, when people fear those who are powerful and they do what the powerful want, when people ask others for their needs and they forget to ask ALLAH, and the biggest sign is when people forget their own death.

These all are the signs of weak faith. These weaknesses are very common in the Muslims society today. Instead of caring for the other Muslims, we today care for what is going on in Hollywood and bollywood. Neighbors may die of hunger but our own stomachs should not be left empty any minute. We can spend thousands on shopping useless things but we cannot spend even a penny for the needy. We may like to spend some money to receive the appreciation but we will never like to spend money in a manner that even our own self does not know about it as was the manner of Muhammad s.a.w.w and His sahaba ikram r.a.

We have departed from the shore of iman and we are in the middle of the violent waves now, we are in the middle of nowhere because with every passing day, we are getting farther from the shore of iman. This world and people will all remain here when we die, the only person in our grave will be us, and the only thing we will take with us will be our deeds. We should try to work on our book of deeds and should not listen to people, because if there are hundred mouths you will get hundred suggestions. We are lucky that we have guidance from ALLAH in the form of Quran and sunnah, we should be very much concerned about our hereafter by making our iman strong.
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