The History of Islam

Every phenomenon whether it is political, social, religious or scientific has a history and a future is predicted and associated with it. World has seen many history making moments in different areas from religion to science. From among those history making moments, some lasted for long and some vanished and buried in the books of history for historians only. But the biggest miracle in the history of the world was a moment which changed the very face of the world and spread like wild fire, or may be faster than that.

It was the advent of islam in the land of Arabia where at that time, people of different religions lived together. There were jews, Christians and pagans who used to worship idols. All these religions were living with their own ideologies and due to the clash of their views, they also had to face fights. For example holy Quran has described an incident of people of elephant (surah fil) who tried to destroy baitullah but they were defeated with the divine help. Historians say that Muhammad s.a.w.w was born the same year but some do not agree and say that Muhammad s.a.w.w was born late after this event.

Anyway, when Muhammad s.a.w.w was given prophet hood, the fate of the arabs changed. Initially Muhammad s.a.w.w and HIS companions faced so many difficulties but after some time ALLAH helped muslims and their power, strength and force increased. Even when they were few they fought battle of badar with only 313 people against 1000 and won the battle with the help of ALLAH swt.

Then muslims fought several other gazwaz and won with a prominent victory. Muslims finally took the charge of makkah the day when finally islam’s enemies could not do anything to save their land from muslims.
After the conquest of makkah islam grew with great spead. In the time of second caliph of islam hazrat umar farooq ra, he conquered Palestine and established muslim state there then hazrat ali r.a. also sent many expeditions to outside Arabia and islam grew faster from then on.

Islam spread in 3 continents and muslims ruled half of the world in just few hundred years after islam came. This success which islam got in so less time has not witnessed by people ever before. Then came the golden era when muslim scientists and scholars introduced new and very logical and practical scientific points which are now the fundamentals of science. It was muslims who invented algebra, chemistry, physics, medical science and even the modern day operation tools were made by the muslims. When tatars attacked turkey, they destroyed libraries of muslims and everything that muslims wrote or did. They wiped out any mark of muslim from that land.

Muslims ruled subcontinent for almost a thousand years. After this the down fall of muslims begain. The whole Africa which was under muslims got divided into countries of muslims where muslims are even now living a pitiful life with no basic necessities of life and no future. Indian subcontinent got divided into and muslims got only two small parts of that land. Similarly the entire Europe which was once under muslims got divided and muslims were forced back to turkey which is the only muslim state in Europe. Thus the downfall of muslims was so rapid that once those who were masters are now slaves.

But islm is still growing at a faster rate. It has grown so fast that the biggest fear for the non muslim world is now the population of muslims. Britain has now set sharia courts for muslims and it is estimated that by 2050, muslims will be in majority in every non muslim country. There population increase is associated with their growing population which is wrong. Every year thousands of people convert to islam and their families also convert.

From the history of islam, we see is that truth never dies, it keeps on multiplying itself, while from the history of muslims, we see that when muslims forgot islam, they were thrown to dust and now they are living in dust under the boots of kafirs.

If we want to learn anything from our history, we should learn that our salvation is our true religion, the more we practice it, the more honored and respected we will be and the more kufars will fear us.
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