Forgiveness Is Important In Islam

Forgiveness is act of forgetting or overlooking the wrong doings of people. Relatives, friends or even strangers sometimes hurt us very much with their words or gestures. Islam gives us two options to deal with such people, first way is to take revenge and second way is to forgive. It is human nature to feel bad and then to act accordingly to get rid of the feelings of hate. But to keep grudges and things in heart are not liked by Islam and so are not appreciated. To take revenge is to satisfy the human nature but to forgive is to go one step beyond the peace and calmness that is felt after taking revenge.

Our Lord, ALLAH swt is so forgiving that HE forgives so much from us which even we do not know. Just think how much wrong we do every day, sometimes we hurt others by our tongue, sometimes we do this by our hands and sometimes we forget the orders of ALLAH and even knowing that HE is looking at us all the time, we commit sins openly, is it not neglecting the presence of ALLAH swt? Just imagine how you would feel if you are neglected by the one you love! ALLAH swt loves us equal to 70 mothers, if we neglect HIS presence and go against HIM, and ALLAH swt still forgives us, how much HE loves us and how great is his Mercy.

ALLAH swt says in Quran;
Al-Quran 2:199
“Then, move along with the multitude of people moving along. Seek the forgiveness of Allah. Indeed, Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful.”

ALLAH swt tells us to be conscious of Him and to ask for forgiveness and we should be sure that HE will forgive us. This is how Islam is, we do not have to consider like Christians that our sins have been washed, nor like we think like jews to be the blessed and chosen one, but we should think practically with logic and reasoning.

Those who forgive are not cowards, but those who forgive when their biggest desire is to take revenge do what most brave people cannot do. Those who forgive kill their anger which is biggest enemy of humans because in anger humans have lost so much that the loss cannot be counted and measured. To kill anger means to take a step on nafs which means the conscious of the person is still alive. About forgiveness ALLAH swt says;

Al-Quran 2:263
 “A kind and courteous word and forgiveness is (much) better than the charity, that is followed by (such an emotional) abuse. Allah is free of all wants, and the most Forbearing.”

In the verse above, ALLAH swt says that a word of forgiveness is much better than charity. Money given in charity with pure intentions shows that people fear ALLAH and they want to purify their earnings so that their necks are saved. But anger controlled and stepped over is more than giving charity and helping poor people. In another place ALLAH swt says;

Al-Quran 2:268
“Shaitan scares you with (the prospect of) poverty, and bids you to adopt (lewd and) shameless conduct, while Allah promises you His forgiveness and (His) bounties! Allah is the Bounteous, the most Aware.”
In the verse mentioned above, ALLAH swt says that what shaitan does is to provoke man so that he further takes revenge. A man struck by anger and caught by the satan will never forget his differences and will always try to harm his enemies. We see this practice in some families and tribes where enmity is carried as pride from generation to generation. But ALLAH swt clearly says that such behavior is forced on man only by satan, what ALLAH swt gives is forgiveness and the bounties in this world and in the hereafter.

It is always better to forgive and to show that we are Muslims, to take revenge is easy but to forgive is much difficult and to be a Muslim and to seek ALLAH’s pleasure means to be good with people. Our beloved prophet s.a.w.w never uttered a word of anger for even His bitter enemies; He s.a.w.w was always good with everyone who came to Him. We should also be true followers of Islam.
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