Allah The Only True God

ALLAH is the only true GOD and there is no god other than HIM. HE alone has the dominion of heavens and earth and all that exists in between. HE is the creator of ALL and HE is the only sustainer on everything.
Then those who do not believe in HIM, commit shirk and reject their own existence by rejecting their creator. Those who take idols and other beings as their gods, they degrade their own selves by admitting a thing or being as creator and their lord which does not even protect their own selves.

The worshiping of idols and satan and jinns and humans as gods is ages old. People still practice these filthy acts and they still are same ignorant as they used to be before. Those who were given guidance and even than they made n idol and worshiped it were the people of Israel who made an idol and started worship it. These foolish people were first forced to worship a human and then they chose even a degraded thing to worship, a golden calf.

Similarly, ALLAH swt has told us stories of those nations who turned away from ALLAH swt and made their own gods out of their evil imaginations and intentions because they were so out of their minds when they started this filthy act.

ALLAH swt said in Quran;
AL-Quran 3:051
“Truly! Allah is my Lord, and your Lord! Therefore, worship Him (alone); that is the straight path!”
in the verse above, ALLAH swt says that the only straight path is the path which starts from the concept of twheed i.e the oneness of ALLAH swt.

ALLAH swt is neither 33 caror, nor 3. ALLAH is one. The magnificent ALLAH does not have any children as daughters or sons.

There came foolish people on earth that after receiving hidayat, lost their way and started worshiping idols and other objects. There came some people who even worshiped humans like them. In India, there are still some people who worship humans like them.

There are people who worship nature and al that comes under their definition of nature. They even worship insects which are filthy and ugly and do not fit to be gods any way.

There are people who worship idols made of stone and wood. They do this willingly and they leave their logic and reasoning at their homes when they go to their places of worship. These people were also given the message from ALLAH once but they have lost themselves completely in their wrong doings.
There were people who worshiped idols and their cult is present even today. There are people who still worship jinns and invoke them instead of invoking one true ALLAH.

There were a groups of jews who used to call angels as daughters of ALLAH and they used to worship them. There was also a group of jews who used to call hazrat Uzair a.s , son of GOD. They were definitely not honest with even their own selves.

Then came Christians, who went one step further in their stupidity and made Esa a.s. son of God and made Jibrael a.s. the third god.

There are some Muslims who are worst of all because they know shirk is haram and even then they prostrate graves and ask the graves for help. Surely all of them are in wrong and they have earned for themselves nothing but hell fire.
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