Takfir and Islam

Takfir is the word derived from the word kufr which means to deny. Thus takfir means to make the denial. In Islamic jurisprudence, takfir means to call some Muslim kafir due to his beliefs. Due to the division of din into many sects and sub sects it has become a common practice among the Muslims to call each other kafirs because one does not believes in the ideas of other.

ALLAH swt has strictly banned us from following any sects because people before Muslims were divided into many sects based on their own understanding of their din. Today, Muslims fight because they have become habitual of taking the meanings of the verses as per their desire and as per their understanding. Every sect has its own translation of Quran and its own tafsir of Quran and they fight on their own imams.

When we go in the history, we see all the pious people were talking about one din i.e Islam. They never tried deliberately to divide Muslims but it was blind followers who never wished to listen to the others point of view as well. For example, the followers of imam abu hanifah do not consider other worthy of giving attention in the matter where the two imams differed. And the opponents of imam abu hanifah do not fear ALLAH while calling him kafir. They do the takfir of a pious man of ALLAH who was from tabaeen and they even go on to abuse him because in some matters he does not sound like them and some of his students made him the only source to follow, which is wrong.

We openly say, this and that is kafir because they follow this and this. The two main sources to follow are Quran and sunnah, and we Muslims have to read them both. We cannot do taqleed i.e. blind following. This taqleed leads to takfir.

A physicist admirer or Albert Einstein will never cease himself from doing the further research and giving new theories. That person will work on the lines of Einstein but if he finds his results wrong in some matters, then he will not drag the issue to make it look true.

All the scholars were humans, their understanding was not free of errors so they should not be followed blindly and based on their understanding people should not do takfir but they should learn Quran and sunnah so that they can make themselves well equipped in din to refute any bad aqedah and any wrong practice.

A dangerous point of view has grabbed the ummah across the globe that they start calling every second person a khawariji. Khawarijis were people who were cursed by Muhammad s.a.w.w and He said that this group will emerge 20 times and will be destroyed means these people will remain among the Muslims. Now, every second person looks khawariji to other or the worst is that every person who rejects any innovation or tries to make din look simple is called wahabi shetan. Are we not aware of what happened to the people of previous nations? Few of them were destroyed few of them are left to wander in ignorance till their judgment come. Why are we inviting the same thing for us?

Fear ALLAH and do not pass your judgment about the faith of other. The other may be entering jannah on the final day and you may be the one looking at him while you are dragged to the gates of hell.
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