Hazrat Khadija R.A

The first person who accepted islam and accepted the prophet hood of Muhammad s.a.w.w was His first wife khadija r.a. she was one of the richest people of makkah. She was a business woman who’s business as looked after by her appointed men.

Once she needed an honest person to take her carvan of goods for trade. Muhammad s.a.w.w took her carvan for trade and earn her good profit which was more than she earned and she also got to know that He was honets in dealing. This act of Muhammad s.a.w.w was so liked by her that she proposed Him for marriage. At that time Muhammad s.a.w.w was not only helped financially by ALLAH swt but HE also gave Him a lovely and trustworthy companion as His wife.

Hazrat khadija r.a. was 15 years older than Muhammad s.a.w.w but even than she rpoved to be a best wife and a best companion of Him.

When Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w was given prophet hood, He came home and was shivering, He told khadija r.a. to cover Him with some shawl she did so. He was so afraid that He was able to speak after some time. Then he told her about the wahi and she believed each and every word He told her without any doubt. This shows that she was a lady with great personality.

Mostly women like to argue over what their husbands tell them. They do not like to believe in their husbands rather ask questions and counter questions. But khadija r.a. believed in His words and she took Him to one of her cousins who accepted Christianity, his name was nofil. He told them about a priest who finally told them that whatever Muhammad s.a.w.w was saying was right and that He was that final messenger who had to come.

Khadija r.a. was mother of Fatima r.a. who was beloved daughter of Muhammad s.a.w.w. hazrat khadija r.a. was the biggest moral support for Muhammad s.a.w.w when first wahi came to Him he became afraid and she soothed Him. Between first and second wahi there was some idle tiem when prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w got depressed so much that it is written in a sahih hadith of bukhair that He even tried to jump off from the mountain. This was because He was so depressed and was waiting so much for the second wahi to come. This was that tiem when He needed badly someone at his side. And khadija r.a. remained at His side till she died. When she died, this deeply moved Muhammad s.a.w.w because He loved her so much. This year was called year of sorrow.

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w loved her so much that He did not remarry until she died. After her death He married again.

The contributions of khadija  r.a. towards islam are so many. May ALLAH be pleased with her amin.
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