Muhammad SAW The Final Prophet

Islam has been completed 1432 years ago. It means that whatever ALLAH swt wanted to teach humanity till the last day, has completed i.e. the divine lesson in the form of scriptures and the divine guidance in the form of prophet is completed. There will come no book and there will come no prophet now. Those who still believe that prophets are to come even now, they are in sheer ignorance because islam is been preached on earth right from the day first human touched earth.

When humans started to dispute, they started to doubt ALLAH’s presence and created their own religions with their own ideologies hence they became deviant. For these people ALLAH swt sent in total, 124000 messengers and the last of them is Muhammad s.a.w.w. ALLAH swt said in holy Quran;

Al-Quran 34:028
“(Oh messenger) We have, in fact, appointed you as the bearer of good news, and as a warner for the entire humanity. But most people do not comprehend.”

So, Muhammad s.a.w.w is sent to not only the people of arab but for all humanity i.e. before Him, different messengers were sent to different nations, but none of them was sent for humanity, but the prophet hood of Muhammad s.a.w.w. was for humanity. Every messenger came and warned his people and told them about a last messenger who will come for all, modern day bible and torah have tried their level best to remove this fact from their books so that people do not leave them.

Instead of doing this, they should have believed in their books and should have honored them. But by tempering, they proved that for the book they hold, they have no respect, the book which they suppose to follow is nothing in their eyes and they can change them anytime when they wish. Thus they have degraded them and are cursed in this world and will be cursed in the hereafter as well.

About Muhammad s.a.w.w, ALLah swt reveled a very clear verse;

AL-Quran 33:040
Muhammad (SAW), is not the father of any man among you, but he is the messenger of Allah and the last of the prophets. Allah is very well Aware of all things!

This verse explains that there will be no other messenger after Muhammad s.a.w.w . This is why ALLAH swt preserved the finality of HIS messenger by giving Him no male heir. Muhammad s.a.w.w had two sons but they both died in their young age, this was not because ALLAH swt did not want to continue His linage, but this was to preserve the finality so that no other person could claim to be next in line.

Till to date, in total 23 people have claimed the prophet hood and unfortunately few muslims were also among them.  Only 2,3 people renounced their false claims ad remaining died in the state of ignorance.

We do not have any doubt about the finality of messenger s.a.w.w and we strictly believe that if Muhammad s.a.w.w is sent for humanity, this only means no one else will ever come to guide people as a prophet. But only pious men of ALLAH will continue this noble work.
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