Is Women Really Free In Western Society?

The feminist west despite of its modern values and educated class, still lacks the rights of women. No matter what women claim to have when they live in western societies, they do not define their independence like the women of islam does. Here, we will not compare the two, but will only highlight those specific points which west tries to hide but they are prominent in their society and is a slap for them.

In the name of freedom of rights for women, the first thing which entered in western society was the breakdown of the family life. Before feminism struck west, women were bound in the families which were at least something good in that society. But when women stood up for their rights, and fought for their rights under “sisterhood”, the first thing they lost was their family life. They started living like men, and thus moved to other places.

The other evil that found its way in the “free women” society was the safety of women which is nowhere in west now. The attacks on women outnumbered and broke the previous records. Murders and rapes started to increase with every passing day thus women in a free society became an easy pray for evil doers.
In a survey it was revealed that the serial killers killed the ladies the most because they were easy prey for them. This caused the feminist society to panic more and more but nothing could stop the mentally retarded people to attack women.

Women reported the rape assaults more than ever before when they won their independence. And the world power i.e. USA tops the chart in the rapes and rape assaults on women in the world. These figures and very high in western societies where women claim to live freely without hold of men.

The degradation of western society touched the extreme when another alarming survey should that in west no girl of 13 years of age remains virgin. This shows that women won their desired freedom at the cost of their grace and honor. And the girls who are just 13 years old learn what is not known to muslim girls before they get married.

The prostitution has risen in west as a job called “s** work” and these women are now given social rights because if they are selling themselves they do it as free humans. Once this was a right and now this is a curse because girls find it an easy way to earn more money. In this greed most women who die in west are prostitutes. Most mothers do not know who the father of their children is. Most children do not know how many men their mother married. While the working women exceed all limits to get bonuses and promotions by selling themselves free of cost. Their husbands use them as a pleasing tool for their bosses and they gladly raise the children who are not theirs.

Family linage is a dream in west because there are no families left except some royal families who do not like to “pollute” their blood lines.

In the name of freedom, western women lost their grace their dignity and the right to live. If they raise fingers at muslim women, they should know that muslim women lead a happy and safe life inside their houses where they do not have to use themselves for other men but they raise their own children whose fathers and known to them.

West has lost its dignity at the hands of a handful of its women.
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