Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa R.A

She was the youngest of the wives of Muhammad s.a.w.w and she was also the most beloved wife of Muhammad s.a.w.w. she was given in nikah to Muhammad s.a.w.w. Ayesha r.a.  She was daughter of hazrat abu bakar siddique r.a.

Before her birth, Muhammad s.a.w.w saw a dream in which he was shown a baby girl in a silk cloth, and was told that this girl will be His wife. So the marriage of hazrat Muhammad s.a.w.w and Ayesha r.a. was a divine decision.

Ayesha r.a. is loved by muslimeen and respected by them but some people hates her and attribute false stories with her. They curse her and they abuse her. They surely commit a grave sin. But as much a person is right and pious, he receives equal degree of resentment and crap from the people. These people hates her because she went against hazrat ali r.a. in war between hazrat ali r.a. and hazrat amir muaeya r.a.

Actually, this false statement is bulldozed by the fact that she was loved and respected and she was invited to the battle field so that she could stop the war, but soon when the taif people got to know her arrival, they spread the false news to her supporting hazrat amir muaweya r.a. which caused misunderstanding which was soon resolved because on both ends were believing men and they were misguided by the evil and wicked people.

Muhammad s.a.w.w used to love her very much. He used to take her to exhibitions and used to play with her and used to bring her dolls so that she could not feel shy from Him and they could become good friends. And this happened when they got married and started their married life, Ayesha r.a.a loved Muhammad sa.w.w very much. Our beloved prophet spent the last time of his life in her lap and He s.a.w.w departed while placing his head in her lap.

About her young age and her marriage, the non Muslims have made many stories. they tried their level best to prove false and filth about Islam but with all their efforts, they could never get a single clue to defame Muhammad s.a.w.w or Ayesha r.a.

The false and evil doers also accused Ayesha r.a. in the lfie time of Muhammad s.a.w.w and due to this, she fell ill thereupon ALLAH swt revealed  to Muhammad s.a.w.w. verses that proved her innocence in the matter aired by the people of evil.

She narrated more than 2000 authentic ahadith and she was the expert in matters of fiqah. She was respected by sahaba ikram so much that whenever they had some problem, they would go to her to ask for the solution. She even helped believers regarding the matters of their personal lives.

Ayesh r.a. was th lady of the upright character and she is still considered as the best faqehi in matters of din. Despite of false and filth spread about her, she is loved and respect by us and she will be till the final day. May ALLAH be pleased with her.
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