Muslims Follows Jesus pbuh more than Christians

ALLAH swt sent HIS messengers to guide humans in every age. He selected his special slaves for this purpose who are called messengers. Among those messengers Jesus Christ (ESA a.s) is that messenger of ALLAH who was born to a virgin lady Maryum a.s. it was ALLAH’s decision and His greatest blessing on maryum a.s that she was chosen to be virgin mother of that prophet of ALLAH who will be ascended to heavens and will descend on earth when humanity will need a guide badly.

Christians think that they are devotees of esa a.s and in their devotion they have gone to wrong side by calling him son of GOD. Christians believe that GOD has sacrificed His son for the sins of humanity till eternity. Christians believe in a holy spirit and say that “threesome” means complete GOD.

The chritians trinity was never preached by ESA a.s. and it was never practiced by Him in his life and when He will come again on earth to complete his life, he will reject these Christians at once because they will call him son of GOD which is a dragotry comment for every GOD fearing muslims.

The divine religions before islam stopped their religions at their respective prophets despite of their news of the last messenger. Among all the previous messengers, ESA a.s is the only one who gave news of the coming of a final messenger after him who will be last and will come with the final message and that every Christian must follow him in order to remain on right path. As soon as jews claimed to kill him, most number of his followers turned away from his preaching and made him their god. They thought that ESA a.s. could gave life to dead because he was god but he could gave life to dead because he was given this miracle by ALLAH who created him.

Christians went to the length of absurdities by saying crap about maryum a.s. what was written in Quran was testified by the Christians of the time of Muhammad s.a.w.w so majority of them accepted islam. But most of them remained on their false faith and they are still on the same track which has now gone uglier than ever before.

Quran is that divine book, which confirms what was reveled in torah and it is that book which confirms what was reveled in zaboor and it is the same book which confirms what was reveled in gospel. We muslims cannot reject any messenger who came before ALLAH swt and we cannot associate with them any message other than oneness of ALLAH swt, the primary message preached by them.

Thus we muslims are following the same message which ESA a.s. preached. This means we confirm his messenger ship and we confirm his higher status which Christians do not confirm because they think a human can become god any time.
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