Keep an eye what your children Watch on TV and internet

TV and internet has changed the life style of all of us. The time which we used to spend once, with friends in social gatherings and with parents and family is now spent on TV or internet. For children separate cartoon channels have been introduced and for them online games and cartoons are also available.

So, once if you wanted to play a game you would install it in your computer but now every game is available online and no hard disk space or cds are required any more.

But with the advancement of time and age and ease of access, society is going morally degraded instead of taking positive advantage of the technology. The most affected and targeted class is none other than our kids. There are some evil brains who have devised special plans to control the minds of the coming generation of the world so that they can prepare special breed of humans who can protect their interests and continue their values.

The most prominent figure in promoting evil in the minds of the children is walt Disney. Walt Disney is producing and presenting cartoon movies and other movies for children from so many decades now. But it also has subliminal messages in its movies and cartoons. It especially infuses sex-related content in its movies and presentations keeping in mind the mental capability of kids. We should know that what kids think we do not think. What they see we do not see. Small and negligible things and events and scenes which are not noticed by parents are not only noticed by children but they also hide their feelings from their parents and elders.

The new cartoon programs are designed such that they promote godlessness. They present powerful characters who are either aliens or humans and capable of doing anything. They promote those characters as all powerful. These are seen as harmless by parents and elders but in real, they are extremely very harmful because they are taking your kids away from ALLAH and islam.

The third thing which every elder should know is that apart from all the other stuff promoted by these cartoon programs, kids are also been taught that love affairs and having a girl or boy at their side is not a sin but necessity of life. Thus, kids who are not even 12 years old know what it means to have a girl friend or boy friend. Kids are also been brain washed about life. They only know that life means to dance sing and have fun. Thus, kids are been destroyed totally which means the coming generation of this world is been prepared to serve satan freely without fear of GOD.

We know that parents have become more careful about their kids and they do not let them use internet or TV freely. But they are ignorant about these tactics of media and those organizations who target kids only. And their sole purpose is to destroy the next generation and through them, their main target is to destroy religions and destroy moral values of society. Therefore, watch carefully your kids, what they are watching and what they are storing in their innocent brains.
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