Abu Bakr Siddiq R.A

The first caliph of islam was  Abu Bakr Siddiq R.A. his real name was Abdullah and his second name was ateeq which later on became his title as well. He was called siddique because he was very honest and a truthful person. According to some people he was given title of ateeq because he was called free from hell fire by Muhammad s.a.w.w. while some others say that this was his second name. Most historian go by the second opinion.

Hazrat abu bakar siddique r.a. was a nice person form his boyhood. It is said that he was an honest and kind person and he was honored and respect among the quresh and other tribes. He was known for knowing the linage and likage or the quresh tribe and sub tribes. People used to respect him for his kind personality.
He was a very rich merchant and he got immense success in his business because of his honesty in his dealings in business.

Historians said that he was from his childhood away from idol worship and he never touched alcohol. It is said that when he grew up, his father brought him to a room where there were some idols placed in. he said that these are your deities so you have to worship them. When his father left the room, he went near to one of the idols and prayed him to give him things of his desire and protect him and give him food, but when he saw the idol did not respond he threw the idol and never worshiped idols again in his life.

In other events, he was once asked that why he never touched alcohol so he replied that after drinking alcohol people forget to protect their dignity and I do not want to lose my honor and dignity by drinking. (This tradition is not verified and hence unknown, ALLAHU alm).

Hazrat abu bakar siddique r.a. was 2 years younger than Muhammad s.a.w.w and he was also His best friend. He helped Muhammad s.a.w.w a lot in His preaching of islam and he was among the first muslims who accepted islam.

Hazrat abu bakar siddique spent those nights in a cave with Muhammad s.a.w.w when mushrikin-e makkah planed to murder Muhammad s.a.w.w. He saw left His house along with abu bakar siddique r.a. and hid himself in a cave where hazrat abu bakar siddique proved to be his true friend and companion.

Hazrat Ayesha r.a the beloved wife of Muhammad s.a.w.w was daughter of abu bakar siddique who knew that his daughter was one of the most blessed and fortunate lady of makkah because she was given in nikkah with the last messenger s.a.w.w.

Prophet Muhammad s.a.ww said;
“the most bountiful of men unto me is his companionship ans sacrifise of wealth is abu bakar. If I were to choose a bosom friend (khaleel) I would choose abu bakar but companionship and brotherhood in islam will remain until ALLAH unites us in His presence.”

Abu bakar r.a. spent his caliphate life in fighting against those who refused to pay zakat after the departure of Muhammad s.a.w.w till he established the zakat. May ALLAH be pleased with him. Amin.
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