Muslim Matrimonial Sites are of no use

Once there used to be marriage offices where every fake and true person would come with the lies and truths to marry. These marriage offices were created because with the passage of time, people made marriages mere business. Through this business the boy and his family can earn so much of furniture, gold and other house hold items without spending half of what they actually would have spent if they went to markets themselves.

With the passage of time and the reality of such offices revealed, people then rejected these ideas and gave their attention to internet social and chat forums to find their life partners. In beginning, they used to be honest on the virtual world, but then again, human nature makes him to go forward in every good and bad, people also engaged themselves in lies and false stories about their riches and families. After some thousands of lies were revealed, some intelligent brains stood up and started websites to find the life partners. People now started registering into those sites and as always, in the beginning, everything went honestly but soon the dishonest and liars again emerged on the map and ruined these websites and their images as well.
When Islamic websites were created, in the beginning they were only for dawah purposes and to attract people towards islam, but now we see almost every website has its marriage portal as well where only muslims can register.

Though strict measures are taken to drive the liars and false profiles away from such portals but they are not much successful in their sincere efforts to marry the muslims. This is because people on internet are used to of face to face chat of open communication, but most of the Islamic marriage portals are strict in this matter. They only require information and that too true information and no face to face or open chats backed by them. Another reason for these portals to be idle is that only muslims register here with clear cut mind to marry. They do not like dating and all which has been introduced on internet long ago, so they do not attract many people towards them.

Another important reason in the failure of these portals is that people do not trust internet in this matter anymore. There have been done so much on internet that people rather fear that they might fell into the wrong hands and they might ruin their lives if they believe a person on this virtual world.

In short, even Islamic marriage websites are of no use. They can be made attractive and useful only when these website owners become active and assure people that they do it to please ALLAH rather than pleasing people. otherwise marriage is becoming a problem bigger and bigger day by day despite of so many places to find the better half.
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