Pride and islam

There are few personality traits which must never overcome the nature. From among those personality traits the most disliked is “pride”. Self pride was the reason for which satan became cursed. This was the reason for which jews became cursed and most disliked by ALLAH swt. It is the only reason which makes king, a bagger. In short, pride makes a person god of himself. ALLAH swt has condemned those who are proud.

AL-Quran 21:019
“Every living being in the heavens and on earth belongs to Him, and no one in His presence _ either out of pride or regret _ shies away from worshipping Him.”

In the verse quoted above, ALLAH swt says that no matter what people do, even if they reject the oneness of ALLAH out of pride, they only worship Him. In every religion, people have an ultimate god, or greatest god, who cannot be seen like hindus believe in brahma, Christians believe in a god who has a son etc. even if they reject ALLAH swt, but they cannot reject their ideology of the un seen god which could not be seen.
In another place ALLAH swt says that;

AL-Quran 67:021
“If He withholds His bounties from you, do you have anyone else who could grant you the provisions? The fact is, they hide behind their pride, and their (irrational) aversion (to the truth)!”

Those, who are in doubt about the blessings they get, should think that what if their blessings are stopped? What will they do if everything which they have is snatched or destroyed what will they do?

An important thing should be noted that these verses are not only for the rejecters of islam but for everyone who rejects signs of ALLAH in any form. Today, muslims have changed their ways. they curse their lives and fates when they fell into any trouble, they forget to supplicate an invoke ALLAH or even pay their thanks to ALLAH when they get some good news or are happy. When someone forgets ALLAH, it means he thinks he is self sufficient which means pride and arrogance.
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