Difficulties of Life

Some says life is a gift others say life is a test while some think life is a fun. But one thing is common for everyone and that is life’s difficulties. Every young, old rich poor has to face the difficulties of life. Human life is not given to him for fun or just as a gift as per some points of views.

It is a test and a responsibility for us. Life is a huge responsibility, bestowed on us by ALLAH swt, this is a test for us. Those who will pass this test will go to heaven while those who fail will definitely not enter heaven. Often this question struck human brains that why difficulties come to them. Why they face difficulties or made to face them. Why they cannot live happily without troubles. These questions are important but they are not valid when it comes to the purpose of human creation.

ALLAH swt has not created us to play, enjoy and die but we are created to worship ALLAH. This is not understood by many of us and we put forth another question that if our only purpose is to worship ALLAH, what are angels doing then? We should know that ALLAH created us with “free will” which is given to humans only. This means we are free to choose and we are free in our decisions while angels are created only to worship without any free will. Thus it is very difficult for humans to achieve their purpose of life. Difficulties in life start when humans fail to achieve their purpose of life.

Difficulties are not an alien thing but to tackle with them is important. With the remembrance of ALLAH all the time we can actually get enough courage to face the difficulties manly. But if we do not remember ALLAH and indulge ourselves into worldly matters, even a small trouble will become large for us. And if we remember ALLAH, HE will give us peace of mind and soul with which even huge mountains can be climbed easily.

Difficulties in life are a part of it. They can be faced manly and they can be faced like a weak person. We are to choose what we can do.
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