Co-Education Good Or Bad?

Islam does not restrict believers to seek knowledge. In fact it is appreciated in Islam to spread the knowledge for gain. There are two kinds of educations; one which gives no benefit to the religion and one which gives benefit to the religion of Islam. The first knowledge is the education of the world which will not do any good to the person if he does not uses it is the way of ALLAH. The second knowledge is that one, which is used in the way of ALLAH so that Islam can prosper.

ALLAH’s apostle Muhammad s.a.w.w was a man of knowledge Himself and He never stopped people from spreading it.

Bukhari Volume 8, Book 73, Number 37:
Narrated Abu Sulaiman and Malik bin Huwairith:

We came to the Prophet and we were (a few) young men of approximately equal age and stayed with him for twenty nights. Then he thought that we were anxious for our families, and he asked us whom we had left behind to look after our families, and we told him. He was kindhearted and merciful, so he said, "Return to your families and teach them (religious knowledge) and order them (to do good deeds) and offer your prayers in the way you saw me offering my prayers, and when the stated time for the prayer becomes due, then one of you should pronounce its call (i.e. the Adhan), and the eldest of you should lead you in prayer.

Therefore, to seek knowledge is good and no one should be restricted from earning it. The topic is to throw light whether to allow co education or not. This is a discussion which has various ends and various aspects. Sometimes it is rejected altogether sometimes it is considered as fine. And sometimes people like to remain in a system which is co. from one group of people; it is said that Islam does not allow mingling of males and females so the idea of co education holds no ground in Islam. They present verses of holy Quran and ahadith which mention to separate the two genders so that they may not involve into evils. There have been described the proofs of the evil of co education as well.

The proponents of co education are sighted as modernists and they say that it is upto the people how they survive in the society. Children cannot be restricted to earn knowledge.

If the issue is sighted keeping in mind the today’s age, there should not be raised fingers on co education. A place where both male and female students come for study should not be made a place of affairs and evil by spreading false information or harassing parents to the extent that they deny the right of education to their children. We see there are some top institutes in the world which have delivered the best scholars and students who proved to be the best for the Muslim society; they were the institutions of co education. In the old days, students both male and female Used to go to the scholars for study.

They never faced what today students face. They were no stories of running and loving etc. in those days. The reason was, the teachers knew how to indulge students into the studies and how to keep them away from other then the study activities.

If to be blamed any way, we should also blame the institution owners who do not provide their students a healthy education environment. Because from the old days, men used to be more knowledgeable them women and they used to be the teachers. Female scholars and teachers are too few. So from the old days the concept of co education prevails even in the Muslim society. To think of co education as an evil system will not be true.

There can be taken some measures which will definitely prevent the students from making scenes.
Students should be taught constantly as a part of their degree the morals and ethics of Islam. All the evil is due to leaving Islamic teachings. If they are alive today, 2/3 of the evils will go away with no effort. But since our young students do not know anything about Islam, so they make their student lives as fun and chill. The irresponsible behavior of the elders of society has damaged the youngsters more than the evils.

Youngsters should be treated with respect and as if they are important. Only in this way, this young blood can be put on the right track. If scolded and warned with harshness, nobody will listen to you. This is also the way of Islam. Islam does not teach us to be harsh but to be good and nice with kids is a must so that they also could become equally good and nice towards others.

The issue of education should be treated as education only it must not be divided into co and separate. Only if students are told their moral values and Islamic teachings along with their studies, they will never go wrong.
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