Can we infuse science in islam?

Before going to discuss the topic, we will first see what these two terms mean and why do we relate them.  And that is there any need to give weight the religion of islam by the scientific rules.

Islam is the religion of ALLAH, the religion completed by HIM on us through Muhammad s.a.w.w. science is the area of study to understand the world and what exists in it logic and proper reasoning.

Islam is divine, means that what it contains is based on the divine reasoning and logic and the will of ALLAH. if one tires to measure the verses of Quran or sunnah of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w through logic, then the person will fail because what logic w use it flawed and limited by human capacity. While what islam contains is sometimes so detailed that piles of books can be written on even one concept.

This thing has been admitted even by the non muslim philosophers and scholars.

John Naish said:

The Qur'an in its original Arabic dress has a seductive beauty and charm of its own Couched in concise and exalted style, its brief pregnant sentences, often rhymed, possess an expressive force and explosive energy which it is extremely difficult to convey by literal word for word translation. [John Naish, M. A. (Oxon), D. D., The Wisdom of the Qur’an, preface viii]

Words of naish exclude any mean of measuring the quran in logical or scientific way. But there have passed many people who tried t sum up quran and other principles of islam in the scientific way and they failed bitterly.

One such example is rashad khalifah who tries to measure Quran and tried to enclose Quran in his mathematical figure. He measures the total alphabets number wise, in every verse in every way and came up with a single and same figure as answer except the two verses of Quran and he thus went on saying that since these two verses of Quran could not answer the same figure, so they were to be excluded from Quran, his mathematics and science failed.

Similarly, today we see some videos are been promoted by the name of golden ratio. These videos have been made by few calculations on the different Quranic verses or ahadith or on the earth and those places that have some Islamic buildings. Now, if some day any of the objects that is related to islam, golden ratio is not resulted, what will be the conclusion of the measurers? Will they exclude that thing from islam!

Similarly, we see the emails and text messages that go on length to explain that certain words have been given in Quran this many times and this is exactly the same proportion of some object on earth. Like word water has been mentioned 70 times and earth 30 times etc. now we should ask the person that befor the earth emerged, there was only water and in that water lived living unicellular objects, will they leave islam because their calculations have gone wrong?

Some people try to covert the surahs of Quran into numbers and call it Islamic numerology and blindly base their decisions on those numbers, what will they do if some day their choice goes wrong?

The only thing to be remembered is that what we use as logic today was called philosophy ages back. Science is a new area of study and it is based on age old phenomena, there are very few things that have been explored by science today. Science is continuously evolving, but islam is a religion which is in its final shape now. There is no way islam can be mold or made something else. There is no way we can measure or define nature or islam with the scientific rules.

Better thing is to put your trust in ALLAH and do not try to infuse your logic in divine sources.
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