An ideal Muslim husband

Society is built with the sacred relation of man and his wife. This is how human race is not only preserved but a continuous process of generation to generation building is continuing. It is very important to have a happy family to live peacefully.

To build a happy family with husband, wife and children along with other family members, means a lot. The major responsibility lies on the husband and wife because they are the building blocks of the family. The responsibilities of wife are limited to home as per Islam and the responsibilities of husband are not only to protect his family but also to be fair with his wife.

If only husband is good, half of the problems are solved automatically. Every woman wants an ideal husband who loves her and takes care of her and feeds her the best. We do not know any other religion which addresses the responsibilities of husband in this detail which are described in Islam. In Quran ALLAH swt has said that both husband and wife should overlook each others’ negative personality aspects and should appreciate the positive aspects. This means that Islam promotes the compromise and it does not talk about changing one another.

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w said that men should not try to change their wives instead they should love them and treat them the way they are i.e. they should be treated with respect. It is true because women are mostly treated like third grade creatures and they are pressurized to live the way husband and his family wants. In this way, the love and respect is never built between them and this hatred leaves its impact on children as well.
In His last sermon, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w emphasized that men should feed their wives what they like for themselves and they should treat them fairly and not as a commodity. In the pre Islamic era, the arabs had no respect for their wives, the women were object of play for men, they used to treat them even below their animals. But Islam made it compulsory on men to treat their wives with love.

What an ideal husband is, the best example is none other than our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w. He loved all His wives and treated them justly. None of His wives ever complained because He loved them all. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w married his daughter to the two caliphs of Islam, hazrat usman r.a. and hazrat ali r.a. they both proved to be ideal husbands. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. married His two daughter with hazrat usman r.a. and HE said that if He had a third daughter He would have liked her to marry usman r.a. because he was such a nice husband.

In Islam, we see many such examples which should be followed by men of today’s age. When our own religious personalities loved their wives and protected them and fed them, why cannot men of today’s age do the same? Women must be treated justly or men will be held accountable for their evilness and rudeness on the Day of Judgment.
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