Qadiani Fitna

Prophet Peace be upon him said I am afraid about my community of those leaders who will lead astray. When the sword is used among my people, it will not be withdrawn from them till the Day of Resurrection, and the Last Hour will not come before the tribes of my people attach themselves to the polytheists and tribes of my people worship idols.

There will be among my people thirty great liars each of them asserting that he is (Allah's) prophet, whereas I am the Seal of the Prophets after whom (me) there will be no prophet; and a section of my people will continue to hold to the truth[/bue] - (according to Ibn 'Isa's version: (will continue to dominate) - the agreed version goes: "and will not be injured by those who oppose them, till Allah's command comes."(ABU DAWOOD, Book 30, Number 4239).

The first of the claimants of prophet hood were muselma kazab and his wife, they were sent to jahanum by sahib r.a. there have came around in total 24 known people from all over the world who claimed prophet hood and challenged the prophethood of Muhammad s.a.w.w. one of these liars was mirza ghulam ahmed qadiyani. This cursed character was a born muslim and was student of fiqah. He was student of islam even then shaitan stuck his brain and he claimed prophet hood one day.

There is unanimous consensus among qadiyani giants that mirza was incarnation of Muhammad s.a.w.w NAUDUBILLAH. Mirza was a mentally retarded person and he used to claim so many diseases that he is commonly known as mental hospital.

Mirza married twice. His first wife and children rejected him while his second wife and children were all like him. The main reason for the claim of prophet hood of mirza was to please english men. He was working for those and in return they were giving him escort from the muslims. Though mirza’s followers reject any such claim but then there have been captured many letters of mirza to english govt. which exposed the true ugly face of mirza and his followers. Below are given some of the content from those letters.

I have filled shelves with books which I wrote in praise of the British, especially about the abrogation of Jihad in which many Muslims believe. This is a big service to the Government. So I hope for an appropriate and good reward." (Tabligh-e-Risalat, Vol. 7, P. 19).

From my early days till now that I am sixty years old, I have been engaged, with my pen and tongue, in the important task of turning the hearts of Muslims to faithful loyalty to the British Government and to create the feeling of goodwill and sympathy for the Government.........";(Kitab-ul-Barriyah, Roohani Khazain, Vol. 13, P. 350; Tabligh-e-Risalat, Vol. 7, P. 10; Letter to Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab, Feb. 24, 1898).

It is binding upon the British Government to be aware of the services of the Qadianis by every care as their Imam (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) spent twenty two years of his life preaching to the people that Jihad is Haraam (forbidden) and is strictly abrogated. (Review of Religion, No. 1, P. 2, 1902; by Maulvi Muhammad Ali)
From the above mentioned content, there remains no doubt that mirza ghulam qadiyani was none other than a puppet set by the british govt. to keep muslims busy in their religious matters and to take advantage of the unrest which was created finally.

Unfortunately, mirza could not be sent to hell by any believer but his death was another lesson for the followers of mirza who deny his death is bathroom. When mirza was challenged by a believer, he prayed that one of them if is a liar must fell ill and his prayer was accepted so early that he fell ill and finally died in his bathroom in the filth all over around him. Thus ALLAH showed who was liar.

Mirza was such a mentally retard person that his wife used to mark his right and left shoes and even then he never could identify the right and left shoes. How could such a person be prophet? Mirza went to his mental degradation so much that he one day claimed even divinity. He also said that ALLAH has a son from him NAUDUBILLAH. He was such a filthy character man that till the final day, all of the muslims and whatever is in the heavens and earth and ALLAH’s curses will be upon him.
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