Importance of Giving In Islam

There are so many ways in which we can help others and spread happiness. Mostly, giving is associated with money or charity but giving does not only mean to help others with money or any other form of financial help. We can also give others, love, respect we can give others our smile, we can give others some minutes from our time, we can give others the knowledge which we have in short, and we can give anything we want to help others and to make others feel good and happy.

Who is the one who gives us the most? It is none other than ALLAH swt, it is only HE who gives us and blesses us even when we do not deserve to be blessed and given. The best of men who gave others unconditionally everything he could give them was our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w. He helped every person rich or poor, arbi or ajmi, stranger or known unconditionally.

If we read Quran and sunnah, we will see what Islam teaches us is to be fair with us and with others unconditionally. From the lives of the prophets and pious men of ALLAH we see that they prayed for others and helped others in every possible way. While giving others anything that we can, we should keep in mind that whatever we give it should not be worse and below our own taste. ALLAH swt has said in Quran;

Al-Quran 2:267

“Oh you who believe, spend (in the path of Allah) the wholesome things you have earned, and the best of the products We bring out from the land for you. Do not pick out the worst and the worthless things to give in charity, which you would yourself accept _ if you do at all _ (reluctantly and) with disdain. Know it (for sure) that Allah is Self-sufficient and Praiseworthy (in His own right)!”

By giving others worthless things it will only mean that we do not need them so we are giving them off. But the actual meaning of giving means to give that which we also use and like.

Giving does not only bring internal peace but it also offers great deal of reward. Give a smile to your parents and earn sawab for an act called sadqa-e jaria.

Give other a glass of water, and you will earn reward from ALLAH swt.

Give others few minutes from your life; you will earn sawab for making others happy.

Give others few rupees as financial support; you will see how ALLAH will hold your hand in the times of difficulty.

Give other moral support at times of distress you will see your own distresses will be gone.
In short, when we help others, we actually save the same help for our future. ALLAH does not forget the obligations moral and compulsory that we perform.
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