Real way of Loving Muhammad PBUH

Loving someone means to keep your ego aside to listen to your loved one and act accordingly as if you also willed and desired the same.

This is the definition of love we can find in the romantic novels and the message delivered through films and serials etc. the youngsters die for this kind of love and they present it as if it is something divine. This is not what being Muslims we should be doing. The kind of love we know today and we see people dying for today are not real love and it cannot give anything except few moments of happiness.

Love should be eternal, a kind which lasts even after we stop breathing. It should be one which becomes our companion when we are buried. It should be like a fragrance which does not leave us even if we die. It should be a feeling so strong that when our book of deeds is opened before ALLAH HE could see our love and HE is pleased with that.

What is that love? The love which can become a ticket for jannat is none other than the love for Muhammad s.a.w.w. HE s.a.w.w said that none can be a believer if he does not love Him more than his parents, his children and everything that is near and dear to him.

Let us compare the love for a lover and the love for Muhammad s.a.w.w. when we love a lover, do we sacrifise or intend to sacrifise our parents on him, the answer is an obvious no. do we like to sacrifise the life for that particular person, no. would we ever like to give up our life to protect the name and would we ever like to kill others in order to serve the honor of our lover, the answer again is no. these lovers are left when the other person is not convenient with his lover. But the love for Muhammad s.a.w.w is very different. Believers gave up their lives in order to protect Muhammad s.a.w.w and they did not hesitate to sacrifise their peace and their families to show their love for Him s.a.w.w. this is that love which every Muslim must have for Muhammad s.a.w.w.

How can we attain this love is a question arises in mind soon thinking about it. By following sunnah as much as we can is the first step to attain this love. When one follows sunnah, he is sure to become a true Muslim because our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w loved ALLAH swt and He preached what ALLA swt told Him to preach.

In Quran, ALLAH swt says that HE has made Muhammad s.a.w.w a best example for us in din, so when ALLAH swt says that He is best Muslim, how can be even dare to doubt this statement.

Once sunnah is followed, you will be able to understand the meanings and the wisdom behind the acts and words of Muhammad s.a.w.w and any doubts that are raised in our mind by different people and own thoughts will be erased by ALLAH swt HIMSELF.

The real meaning of Loving Muhammad s.a.w.w is to be a practicing Muslim by follow Quran and sunnah.
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