Dr. Farhat Hashmi A Great Female Muslim Scholar

Pakistan is a blessed soil in some ways because it has given the world, some very famous and pious and well versed people. dr. farhat hashmi is one of those few people who attained the worldwide fame in the world of dawah of islam and are an asset of Pakistan.

Dr. hashmi was born in Sargodha, Pakistan and and is daughter of late abdur rehman hashmi who was also a scholar. She received her master’s degree in Arabic from the University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. She got married but she did not disrupted her educational and dawah process. She got her PHD degree in the hadith sciences from the University of Glasgow. Hadith sciences is the branch of science to exyplain hadith as a science and to able a person to know whether the hadith is authentic or not.

Dr. farhat hashmi taught is the international Islamic university Islamabad for some time and she also continued her dawah work side by side. The best thing about her dawah work was that she used to attract the females of elite class who are particularly know for their distance from islam. She was invited to diliver daras for the ladies in Islamabad and she also gave lectures to the Saudi royal family females.

Her aim was to promot the message of islam to the common muslim females who otherwise remain ignorant of their religion and also from their religious duties. For this, she established an internation institution called “alhuda international” which became an easy source of access to the females of Pakistan who otherwise could not trust any other institution for that matter.

Dr. hashmi is now the  head of the alhuda international and also has her website drfarhathashmi.com and a website  for kids.

Unlike the modern day well learned scholars, dr. hashmi chose to remain the dawahtist of the fundamentals of islam. She does not promote the modernism like the people do today, instead she promotes the islam which people, especially ladies must follow.
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