Eid Ul Fitr in Pakistan

The two days of joy and gratefulness given to muslims by ALLAH swt are the two eids. The first eid comes after Ramadan on first of shawal. This eid is called eid-ul-fitr. In Indian sub continent, it is also called mithee eid because people cook sweet dishes and distributes sweets as a mark of celebration. This day is celebrated as a gift from ALLAH swt in response to the fasts of Ramadan. It surely is a gift of ALLAH to rejoice and to be happy and to be grateful of HIM.

In Pakistan, this eid comes with little surprise and with little difference from the rest of the world. Only Pakistan is that muslim country found on the map when, one part of country celebrates eid one day before the other part of the country. This conflict has risen by some conservative people who want to celebrate their eid with Saudi Arabia. They do not think that Saudi Arabia is in Africa where the movement of sun and moon are different from asia. Thus the moon which is sighted there cannot be seen here. But the conservative, closed brain people gather the “sahadah” of moon sighting and celebrate eid. This happens in kpk province of Pakistan while the rest of Pakistan celebrates eid according to the moon sighting.

This shows the great disuntity between muslims of Pakistan and shows that people still like to live in the stone age which was not liked even by islam. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w said that sight the moon and start fasting and sight the moon and celebrate eid. But some people try to conclude that whole muslim ummah should celebrate eid one day which is not possible. If it was so, Muhammad s.a.w.w whoul never have especially said to sight the moon first.

Anyway, apart from this issue, eid is celebrated with joy and this day becomes memorable. Relatives and friends meet and enjoy each other’s company. Parties are arranged. The actual eid is celebrated by kids when they demand eidi from their elders. They spend their eidi with their own wishes without the fear of their mothers who otherwise do not let them spend money this openly. Muslims wear new clothes or at least the best clothes and cook something special as well. Kids wear new clothes and then they shyly show their cloths to their elders and then play and enjoy.

No matter which part of world you live, when it comes to celebrate eid, every muslim enjoys it and this is that day when for time being we forget all our worries and smile. We should smile and celebrate eid because it is a gift for us from ALLAH swt as a reward for our fasts.
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