Resolving Differences Between Shia and Sunni Muslims

Since the very beginning of the world, people are differing by their concepts and  thoughts. This is what ALLAH swt has said in the below verse. Because people have started to rely more on their own thoughts, they raise questions which become differences. Same is the case with muslim ummah. They recite one kalimah, worship one ALLAH, agree to the prophet hood of Muhammad s.a.w.w to be the final and last but still they fight over lousy things.

Al-Quran 10:019 “To begin with, people had only one religion. Later on, they differed. Their disputes would have been settled, but the word has already gone out from your Lord (that this world is a test, the next is for punishment and reward).”

They fight because few place their hands while offering namaz not like them. They fight because for some, asking from the humans like themselves is not bad. They fight over the number of verses of surah fatiha, they fight over mizars and they fight over taqleed.

They might think twice to give up their life for islam, but they will not even think and will straight die to defend their respective scholars and imams. This is all sick. When they recite Quran as one word which will never be change, and they know ALLAH as one GOD who has no associates and they have to follow sunnah of Muhammad s.a.w.w which must be sahih, why do they fight?

If I want to offer 8 taraweeh, why would I be questioned by some people? taraweeh is a nafal ibadah which is made fard by some. If I shorten my namaz, why would I be called a kafir, when I know I can shorten it? If I do not follow any scholar or muhadith blindly, why would I be called wahabi? If I am wahabi, why is that I am called kafir even when they know I belong to the same religion and I recite the Quran and love the same GOD they love and follow the same prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w they follow.

The only reason of all these differences is the blind following of scholars and the distance from Quran. People do not read Quran with translation because they fear they might understand wrong!!! They do not try to read ahadith with their authenticity because they believe that they cannot reject anything which is presented to them as hadith. Is our religion this blind and akward? No, obviously not. islam is the most open minded religion. ALLAH swt says in Quran to think and to find Him and His signs. What we do is to locate the differences and to find the reasons for calling others kafirs and dogs.

Will ALLAH rely on our decision and our verdict or will HE, the most high, will decide the matters HIMSELF? Definitely, HE does not need our lame nonsense to decide but HE already knows what is hidden inside the heart in mind.

Read Quran and follow sunnah, you will yourself understand that the points of differences are so lame and crap that they should nto be there. When ALLAH swt even restricts us to abuse non muslims or to even tlak to them in harsh manner, how can be apply all this to our own muslim brothers? Where does our humanity go when we start to label people khawarij, wahabi, ahle hadith, ahle sunnah etc and in the end we declare them kafirs without any problem. We do wrong; this is sin to call a muslim, kafir when ALLAH is there to make things clear.

Allah swt says;
Al-Quran 16:064
“We revealed this Book to you so that you may resolve their disputes. (It is) a guidance and mercy for any nation that believes!”

But today, the same book is a dispute because everyone wants to interpret it in his own way. No matter how hard you try, the word hidayah will mean guidance and the word truth will man truth. Then why to distort the image of muslim ummah by doing all this non sense.

We must read Quran in order to resolve these disputes and differences, if we do not read Quran we will remain in the same darkness and filth in which most of us are now.
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