The Islamic Way of Wedding and New Inventions

Wedding is sunnah and most recommended one because of its social and personal life benefits. it is supposed to be a simple and easy to do act but due to the modern day norms and functions, wedding has become a major problem. Before parents thinks of their children getting married, they fear the long list of the dowry or gifts they have to give to their daughters or their relatives or both. Then comes the functions which start from 5 to 7 days before nikah. In short, marriage has become a trouble rather than an act of sunnah.

The Islamic way of getting married is very simple and it does not include any show of or long list of gifts or dowry except the few prescribed by shariah. For example, it is sharia imposition for the husband to pay mahr to his wife up to the amount prescribed in sharia, this is 500 dirhams (paid by Muhammad s.a.w.w and also demanded for His daughters). On the next day of nikah, walimah function is arranged as per the power of the bride groom.

Bukhari Volume 8, Book 73, Number 105:

Narrated Anas:

When 'Abdur-Rahman came to us, the Prophet established a bond of brotherhood between him and Sa'd bin Ar-Rabi'. Once the Prophet said, "As you (O 'Abdur-Rahman) have married, give a wedding banquet even if with one sheep."

So, wedding is this much easy in islam, but it is not that easy in today’s era. There are plenty of norms and traditions which are not Islamic any way and also those which are Islamic are made so extravagant that the marriage looks more show off then a marriage function.

The function of mayun and mehndi are pure non Islamic. These are hindu traditions and hindu norms which have no place in islam. The mingling of sexes is utterly a non Islamic act but we see girls dancing and singing and chattering with non mehrams like it is a daily routine for them. With marriage are associated some shirkia beliefs like throwing rice or slapping bride’s friends ro drinking the left over milk of bride or groom etc for better future. People get extra conscious about their marriage that they do not like to invite the widows or divorced friends so that they could wave off the harms of their presence. This is all wrong.

Then comes the spending of money on lavish halls and fireworks etc. these are not at all related to islam. Bride is presented as a model or a show piece which is against the principles of hijab. In short what we see today as wedding is not what islam told us to do. Allah swt does not like those who are extravagant,

Al-Quran 7:031
“O children of Adam! attend to your embellishments at every time of prayer, and eat and drink and be not extravagant; surely He does not love the extravagant.”

So, weddings should not be made a function in which people cross all the limits prescribed by islam what is left in the weddings today is lavishness and troubles. One of the quality of believers is that when they spend, they do not do so extravagantly but they remain in the limits prescribed by ALLAH.

Al-Quran 25:067
“They are neither extravagant nor miserly. While spending, they remain steady between the two extremes.”
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