Hazrat Fatima R.A

She was beloved daughter of Muhammad s.a.w.w. among the four daughters. Hazrat Fatimah r.a. was very near and dear to Him and even at the time of His death, prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w talked to Fatimah and told her that she will be the queen of the youth in paradise.

Hazrat Fatimah r.a. was married to hazrat ali r.a. who was cousin of Muhammad s.a.w.w and was younger than Him. From hazrat ali r.a, hazrat Fatimah had two sons, Hassan r.a. and hussain r.a. these two grandsons of Muhammad s.a.w.w were beloved and very dear to Him.

Muhammad s.a.w.w used to carry them on His shoulders. They used to jump onto his back when He s.a.w.w used to offer namaz and go for sadja. But Muhammad s.a.w.w never talked even a slightest harsh to them and always treated them with love.

Hazrat Fatima r.a died when she was pregnant. She was dragged out of her house by the enemies of islam and she received serious injury and died. Hazrat Fatimah r.a. was a pious muslimah who spent her entire life practicing islam in its true spirit.

There is one group who take Fatimah r.a. as their pious and precious “deity”. these people consider her masoom i.e. the one infallible and count her death as a murder done by sunni muslims. In reality, these were the same people who sowed the seed of hatred among muslims and they were the one who killed Fatimah r.a. and also hazrat ali r.a.they were the same people who killed hazrat hussain r.a. and now they are found wailing and crying which is also a sin.

The linage of prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w has continued from the children of his daughters s.a.w.w. it is said that the promised mehdi will be from the pure linage of Muhammad s.a.w.w. this claim has always made the shia people happy because they think that they are the true followers and keepers of the linage of the family of Muhammad s.a.w.w. they are in delusion which will certainly be broken when imam mehdi will come.
Hazrat Fatima r.a was a significant personality of islam. She was pious and was mother of the pious kids who will be the leaders of youth (young boys) in jannat and she was the wife of the pious man who was forth rightly guided khalifah of islam. May ALLH be pleased with all of them.
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