Taweez In Islam

Taweez or amulets are the well known tools to wave off bad luck, jins, paranormal beings, magic effects, bad eye etc. the market of taweez is so huge that every month the taweez writers and taweez maker earn very handsome amount.

With taweez are associated so many stories which look more like alien stories than have happened on earth. Those who believe in taweez do not take even a step out of their bed without their taweez. There are many verities of taweez for every purpose. Taweez with better result are expensive while taweez with short time results are cheap.

Is this all related to islam anyway?  See the hadith given below and decide yourself;

Sunan Abu Dawood Book 28, Number 3860:
Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-'As:
“I heard the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) say: If I drink an antidote, or tie an amulet, or compose poetry, I am the type who does not care what he does.”

This is not islam to wear amulets for the good charm or to wave of bad luck etc. these all fell into the category of weak belief and sometimes they lead to disbelief as well. Why to rely on some bangles or pieces of paper for our protection when we know that ALLAH swt is nearer to us even than our jugular vein? When ALLAH swt said himself that HE is near to us than our jugular vein this means HE does not need those amulets or other jewelry to protect us but HIS mercy is huge and HIS power is over all things. Not even a leaf can move without HIS permission.

ALLAH is the one who when decided something and says “BE” and it comes into being. For such a powerful GOD, do we need those taweez written by humans?

Some argue that taweez which contains shirk are not permissible but taweez which contain verses of Quran cannot be rejected. For such people only one statement is enough, that is Quran and its verses are for guidance they are not to hang them in necks and forget the purpose of them i.e. to understand them.

Taweez is an issue which is controversial because people get emotional at the issue of quranic verses as taweez. Only if we understand that Quran and its verses are to understand half of the proplems will be solved.
Instead of wearing amulets, we should seek ALLAH’s help and forgiveness all the time and whenever some trouble befalls us, we should only remember ALLAH rather than running to dargahs and shrines and towards pirs.
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