Hazrat Usman R.A

The third khalifa of islam was hazrat usman ghani r.a. he was a very rich person and never hesitated to spend his wealth and time for islam. Before he accepted islam, he used to wear costly clothes but as soon as he accepted islam he changed his life style altogether and remain simple throughout his life. Hazrat usman r.a. accepted islam by the dawah of hazrat abu bakar siddique r.a and became one of the early muslims.

Usman ghani r.a. was from those few men of makkah who could read and write. When he grew up, he started his business of clothes which made him very rich. It is said that he was very kind heart person and was of very nice nature. He never hesitated to help others when he saw them in trouble. Hazrat usman r.a. belonged to banu umayah while Muhammad s.a.w.w belonged to banu hashim. At the time of advent of islam, banu umayah was in power, but even than usman r.a. accepted islam, this invited great troubles form him and his uncle hakam even punshied him and troubled him severly.

Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w.w married his two daughters with usman r.a. and He once said that if He had another daughter He would have chose usman r.a. for her. This shows that usman r.a. was not only a good muslim but he was also a very good husband this is why even prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w liked him.
When muslims fought first battle of badar, hazrat usman could not participate in that gazwa because his wife hazrat ruqaya r.a. (daughter of Muhammad saww) was severly ill and she died before muslims came back. But Muhammad s.a.w.w gave him glad tidings that he received same award as if he fought in ghazwa. He was then married to ume kulthum , daughter of Muhammad saw and thus usman r.a was given title of “zul nurain” (the man with two lights).

Hazrat usman ghani r.a. was the first person to migrate for ALLAH to abisiniya when muslims were living hard life in makkah after he was granted permission by Muhammad s.a.w.w. he came back after two months when he was wrongly informed about the quraish accepted islam. He again migrated to madinah with other muslims.
Hazrat usman ghani r.a. was sent to mecca for negotiations at treaty of hudebiya. But soon the false news of his murder was aired which made muslims very said and they sought allegiance with Muhammad s.a.w.w under a tree which is mentioned in Quran and called bait-e rizwan. Muhammad s.a.w.w placed His second hand on behalf of usman r.a to mark his presence.

In the time of his khilafat, as Muhammad s.a.w.w predicted, muslims became so prosper that usman r.a. used to walk with zakat in his hand to find a poor to pay him his share. Thus in his time, muslims became very rich and financially very strong. But there were enemies hidden to murder usman r.a. who were not happy with his caliphate. It was during his caliphate that muslims invaded afriqah and asia and won Afghanistan and took it under the control of muslims. He remained successful in all his invasions and took the area under his control even by fighting with romans.

Hazrat usman r.a. was killed by some hypocrites who were not happy with his caliphate ship and this was predicted by Muhammad s.a.w.w that once if the sword shines among muslims against each other, it will never stop. In this fear hazrat usman r.a. remained lenient and tried his best to resolve issues without fight, but finally his enemies besieged his home and murdered him which was un just and totally wrong. His martyrdom was for islam. He was a pious muslim who was killed by those whom we know today as shias. These people firther sowed seeds of hatred among muslims in the tiem of hazrat ali r.a. and proved to be the worst people on earth.

The nobility, piousness and kindness of usman r.a. cannot be challenged and questioned. He was a brave warrior of islam who ultimately got martyrdom. May ALLAH grant him the place in the highest heaven and be pleased with him. Amin.
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