Keep Your Mouth Breath Good

If you happen to meet a person who spoke and you could feel his mouth breath which was bad, whenever you will think of that person again, you will not think nice about him.

Like clean clothes, and tidiness human body also needs to be cleaned regularly. It has many benefits covering from hygiene to mannerism. If a person does not take care of his cleanliness, he does not care for his health which is a treasure. When we are healthy, we do not realize it, when we fell ill, we long for those days when we used to enjoy health without fear of getting sick. An untidy and dirty person is not liked by the society. Such people will not have friends or even if they have, they will be like them.

Islam has emphasized very much on cleanliness. In fact, we have to keep ourselves clean all the time in order to pray namaz. Similarly, we cannot touch Quran if we are not clean. Thus, cleanliness is required as a must for muslims.

Coming to the mouth breath, it is sometimes related to the cleanliness and sometimes it is related directly to the digestive system.

We muslims perform ablution five times a day and every time we gargle for 3 times. This means we wash our mouth from inside in total of 15 times as a must. Other than this, our beloved prophet s.a.w.w used to do miswak daily and recommended it to every muslim. Miswak has been proved as a medically best treatment for any problem related to mouth as well as a best tool to keep mouth health best. By using miswak, if anyone has the bad breath despite of his trying to get rid of it, he will definitely get rid of it by using miswak. Also using salt is another remedy but it is not as effective as miswak.

The reasons related to health are that either the person has a bad throat due to which he has bad breath or the person is having a problem in his digestive system. During bad throat, due to allergy, our motuh starts producing bad breath which can be controlled by the use of miswak as well as by taking medicines.

If digestive system is upset, in this situation, person should take care of his diet first. Oily, meaty and too much spicy foods are not good of health and especially for such a person who has bad breath. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w recommended vinegar as a best curry because vinegar is an acid which will digest the meal easily and stomach will be strengthened. That’s why we see pickle as an essential ingredient of the dinner.

Just by controlling our habits, and by organizing our lives, we can not only keep ourselves clean but also we can keep ourselves healthy and a socially liked person.
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