Ramadan A Chance To Change Yourself

Sit lonely for some time and ask yourself being honest and truthful that what is that you want to change in yourself. You may not answer or like to answer other people but you will definitely face yourself easily. None of us is perfect and good. We all have flaws and we all need changes.

The time we spend on earth, we learn many things and experience many new things and see new events. Time is the best teacher and it compels us to change ourselves. In normal days it will be very difficult to change our bad habits and adopt good habits because with each step we take towards good, satan influence our decisions and drags us 2 steps back on the path of wrongs.

Then what should be the way and which place should be the best place to get rid of satan for a change for good in our personalities?

The best time of year to change our life and to be good Muslims is the holy month of Ramadan. In Ramadan, ALLAH swt capture satan and gives us chance to get ourselves correct physically as well as morally. When there is no master the workers will be weak. In the same way, when satan is caught and chained his followers become weak because they do not get any command from their master hence the good people get a chance to shun the evil from inside us.

The biggest evil inside every humans is nafs, it Is nafs that makes people do good and bad, and It is the conscience that makes man does good and pinches him when he does wrong. But if nafs occupies conscience, human will be a moral dead body. If conscience takes over nafs, even the weakest of humans will become the bravest.

Islam teaches us this lesson i.e. to take over nafs and never let the conscience die. To take over nafs, Ramadan is the best time of year because satan cannot influence our decisions and lead us astray.
Every one of us should seek the positive changes in our lives and in our soul. We are creatures of free will. We will be asked on the Day of Judgment that how did we exercise our free will and what did we get. We should prepare ourselves for the good answer.
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