Islam was not spread by sword

Today, the biggest concern of the world is the growing population of muslims and it is projected that by 2030, the total muslim population of world will be 2.2 billion or even more, the total muslim population of muslims in 1990 was 1.1 billion. There have been conducted exclusive studies on the rapid growth of islam and growing number of muslims because the non muslim world, particularly the Christians are pale to dead to know that the muslims in the world are going to surpass their majority in next coming years.

There are many fanatics who “researched” and came up with a justification of growing muslim population as a result of larger families of muslims. They are now continuously pressurizing the muslim countries to introduce the family planning so that to control birth. while doing this, they forgot that they owner of life and death is ALLAH swt and world had witnessed many examples when a female who was medicaly unfit to give birth, actually gave birth. So, it is ALLAH who knows what is going to come, but at the moment the world is particularly worried at the growing number of muslims and the growing number of non muslims converting to islam.

The point in mentioning all that in the above lines is to show that if today, nobody is taking a sword to convert the world to islam or the rising number of muslims in been justified by population growth etc. how come the same fanatics accuse islam to be spread via sword?

In USA alone, every year 20,000 american citizens accept islam and these are the authentic figures gave by the USA govt. herself. If those 20,000 muslims accepted islam by their will, how come those early muslims were beaten to accept islam?

The fact is, it was the eary muslim who were beaten to death because they accepted islam. The first ever person who died for this was a female who was of old age. She accepted islam and she was beaten to death by the mushriks of makkah.
Today we have many examples of those people who accepted islam because they liked this religion more than their own. The latest example is the South African cricketer wayne parnell, who accepted islam and announced on the media is clear cut words that his decision was his likeness. He liked islam so much that he left his religion and his previous life for this religion. Similarly, there are some world renowned personalities who accepted islam because they found their answers in this religion which remained unanswered for long.

Islam has been maligned by non muslims through very tricky plays. The latest is the use of the term “Islamic terrorism” and its association with al-qaeda and Taliban. Actually, the al-qaeda and Taliban were once funded by the same USA and its allies who now leave no chance to accuse them. These two organizations were used very smartly one USA once but Americans did not realize that faith of a muslim cannot be bought no matter what one invests. So today these two organizations are the enemies of America and now America is running here and there to protect herself by maligning the image of islam through these two organizations.

We say, muslims should remain united because no matter how much under oppression they are today, they are still feared because they are outgrowing in number. If muslims do not unite them today, their remaining fear will be gone from the hearts of the enemy and even their biggest population will not cause any advantageous situation for them.
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