Prophet Yusuf A.S

Al-Quran 6:84 ”We gave him (descendants like) Ishaq and Yaqub. We guided both of them. Prior to that, We guided Nooh. Among his descendant were Da’ood, Sulaiman, Ayub, Yusuf, Musa and Haroon. Thus do We reward the righteous.”

ALLAH swt sent 124000 messengers on earth. Some of them were given books while some were not. Some of them were given kingship while some spent their lives as simply. Among the kings was Yusuf a.s. but Yusuf a.s. was not a born king or His father was not a king. He was son of hazrat Yaqub a.s. yaqub a.s. used to love him so much that he was the most beloved son of him from among his all sons. This made the other sons jealous from Yusuf a.s. and they plotted against him as well.

Once prophet Yusuf a.s told his father that;

”Once, Yusuf said to his father, “Oh my father! I had a dream. I saw eleven planets, the sun and the moon lying prostrate before me!””

On this, hazrat yaqoob a.s. got to know that his son is going to be a prophet. One of the distinctions of yusuf a.s was that he was the most beautiful person ever born on planet earth. He was so beautiful that even his looks and his beauty was an object of hatred and jealousy for his brothers. It is said that ALLAH swt gave 70 percent of the total beauty to yusuf a.s. and the rest 30 percent to this world. Allahu alm.

His brothers used to hate him and so they plotted and threw him into a dried well even when they promised their father that they will take care of yusuf a.s. more than anything. When they went back home, they showed their father his shirt soaked with blood and said that a wolf has eaten him. But the father knew that they were lying because the shirt was not torn from anywhere. Hazrat yaqoob a.s. wept so much in his remembrance that he lost his eye sight. Time passed, hazrat yusuf a.s. spent his life as slave till he reached the court of aziz the king of the state. He was a just king but his wife slipped after seeing the beauty of yusuf a.s. she offered herself to him many times till the honored ladies of the state started talking about her. She got infuriated and arranged a dinner where she presented yusuf a.s. to them. By seeing him those ladies cut their fingers and so they got to know why aziz’s wife is mad about him. Once, the lady got a chance and she made her move, but yusuf a.s. was pious man of ALLAH so ALLAH saved him in a strange way.

Whiel the lady was going out of her senses, hazrat yusuf a.s. tried to leave the room where upon she caught his shirt from back and it was torn. Now when aziz asked the matter he realized that his own wife was on error. He could not punish yusuf a.s. so he put him in his jail. Another miracle of yusuf a.s. was the knowledge of predicting dreams. He used to preach the captives in the jail and used to invite them to islam. Once king aziz saw a dream in which, he saw 7 fat cows and then 7 weak cows. One of his servant told him about yusuf a.s, whose dream was interpreted by him and he forgot him for three years after he was released. There upon yusuf a.s. was called and he interprested the dream as 7 prosper years and then 7 years of drought. This happened same to same and people were saved from drought because king ordered them to save food for the drought years. In this way yusuf a.s. became the king after king aziz because he was very dear to king aziz and he used to treat him like his son.

Years passed and finally the 7 brothers who threw yusuf a.s in well reached the city of him for trade. Yusuf a.s. recognized themand told them to come back by giving them excess of everything and even more. When they got back they were so happy and they decided to make next trip with their brother. Next time the brothers took the beloved brother of yusuf a.s with them. Yusuf a.s. captured him by plotting a drama so that he could stop his brother. Now when again the brothers went empty handed hazrat yaqoob a.s. again cried and said that they again lost his another beloved son but when the boys showed him the shirt of yusuf a.s. which brought his eye sight back, he got to know that it was his son yusuf and no one else. Hence he found his lost son who was a king now.

This was the qisa narrated in Quran by ALLAH swt in surah 12: 4-99.
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