Honesty in Business

Honesty is needed in everything we do. From the domestic work of daily routine or office work to studies, honesty makes the real difference. Honesty makes it easy for us to survive because an honest person is truthful and such a person does not fell into any trouble. The sad fact of the present day is the lack of honesty in people. Lies, and dishonesty has become standard in everyday matters and it is a common perception that no one can get rid of them now.

This point of view is wrong, why cannot we live like honest humans? If one thinks that honesty cannot be achieved or truthfulness is a dream now this is wrong, just by practicing islam truly in its true spirit we can achieve all this without devising any special plans or any complex system of morals.

The world today is a big business hub, i.e. it is a business market now. There are some main stock exchanges that control the money inflow and out flow of the world for example, wall street etc. these stock exchanges are actually business centers where whole world trades. Unfortunately, with the jewish intervention in the business and introduction of riba in business, there has left no honesty and no halal money in the business any more.

The best examples of the honesty in business are the prophets of islam. From Quran we learn that prophet yusuf a.s. used to look after the financial matters of the state as His own choice. The bestest example for muslims to follow is our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w who was not only sadiq and amin but also known as an honest business man. He was so honest that due to His honesty hazrat khadija r.a. who was one of the richest ladies of makkah, proposed Him.

It is called that honesty is the best policy, indeed honesty is the best policy. When a business man is honest, he will never sell a low quality product and will never earn unjustified profit. Thus, an honest business man will be God fearing and will never ever dodge his customers over the selling.

An honest business man will never like to go for unjust means to increase his earnings neither will he ever like to give bribes or accept bribes thus with honesty in business, the curses of bribery and riba can be shunned.
Hazrat abu bakar siddique r.a was one of the best and honest business men of Arabia. He was very rich and his financial as well as moral help was appreciated by Muhammad s.a.w.w as well. He was much honored in his region because he was honest in business.

There are several examples in the muslim world who did not only do business honestly but also earned much more than those who like to earn black money. In honest business ALLAH gives His blessings, thus honesty indeed is the best policy.
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