Haram and Halal Earning

The haram earnings are forbidden and those who earn haram by any means are said to commit grave sin. Verses of Quran and hadith are there to make people understand but people do not understand even after reading them. In fact, the Quran and hadith is made so sacred by people that they read them occasionally and instead of getting guidance or fearing ALLAH, they read Quran Arabic text and hadith as the nice deeds done by Muhammad s.a.w.w. one of the main reasons of people going astray from Islam is the rejection of Quran and hadith.

Today, corruption is the biggest evil in the society and it has given rise to bribery. For the people who are bribed and who give money, both will go to hell as per the authentic hadith of Muhammad s.a.w.w. which said that.

The one who takes money in bribe and the one who gives money in bribe will both be in hell fire”. Thus the haram earnings by any means are not only curse in this world but will be a curse in the hereafter as well. It is well known saying that the haram money is never blessed money,it goes from where it comes. This is very true, just look at the people around you who earn haram. There life style will be shahid of their earnings. They will spend more and more and will be extravagant and their will come more troubles in their lives and they will spend even more to resolve those troubles, and eventually, they die in the same state.

But those who earn halal, they earn small but even then they make it able to spend easily and throughout the period till they earn more. Money earned in haram and money earned in halal if both are equal, the halal money will be as if it is doubled or tripled and the haram money will be as if it is cut to half or even half of the half.

When a person earns through halal means, he fears ALLAH and he fears that he might not make his family eat from a disgusting thing. So ALLAH swt bestows on him HIS mercy and makes his small earning a big one.
But when a person earns haram, he does not think about ALLAH, and he only thinks about what more does he want at home. His desires and his needs circle before his eyes and instead of asking ALLAH, he tries to grab whatever comes his way.

If you are not sincerely working your job, you are certainly making a part of your pay haram. But if you are doing your job sincerely and then earn it will certainly be halal.

If you deceive your master, your earning will be haram. If you work at a place where you know haram acts are done, your earnings will be from haram money, if you are working on a project which has caused harm to society any way, your earnings will not be justified because in Islam the halal earnings mean to give positive to society not to harm society.

So, while going out for earning, you must weigh the job in the balance of halal and haram, and not just keep in eyes your own needs and desires. Remember, when ALLAH swt has sent you in this world, HE has taken the responsibility of your rizq, so ask ALLAH for halal rizq sources and do nto fall for you or your families desires which if not fulfilled, will not cause any trouble to them or to you.
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