Keeping Balance In Rights of Mother and Wife

Mother in law and daughter in law fights are very common in the subcontinent. Though the jealousy between Saas and bahu is apparent in every corner of the world but in subcontinent it is very common and almost an ignored issue. This is an issue which should not be avoided and should be given prime importance after marriage.

This issue has two main aspects; mother and wife. Before getting her son married, mother should know that her son will have a responsibility is future which would be a must for him to take seriously. Mothers are most commonly found back biting about their daughter in laws and say that they have snatched their from them. They always feel uncomfortable from their daughter in laws and do not like their presence at home. They also do not like their life style they criticize how they walk, talk, eat, sleep and even sit. There are only concerned with their sons and believe to death that their daughter in law has arrived in their house with only purpose to kill them and break their house and relation with their sons.

Daughter in laws, on the other hand believe that the only person who does not want to see them happy is their mother in law. She is the only person who does not want her to settle her life in her husband’s house and she does not want her to be beloved of her husband. She believes to death that her mother in law wants to remarry her son and she wants to break her marriage. She believes that her husband’s mother is an old aged lady who does not know what is going on in the world. Since she is old she is backward and her opinion is not credible.

Both ladies even try the “black magic or some baba ji” on each other and waste hell lot of money on those non sense activities. Thus both these females act strangely and keep hatred in their hearts for each other. Who can bring peace in their lives?

It is the son who can make these two ladies live happily and to love each other. Wife and mother both are huge responsibilities. Mother can never be treated harshly and wife must be treated nicely in order to keep life going well. What should the son do in this regard?

He must be a good listener and he must listen to his wife and mother with attention. If his mother has problems with his wife, he should try to correct his wife and if his wife has problems with his mother, he can tell his mother in directly to correct herself. Son must not fight with wife or mother because of the other. He should act wisely. In the beginning, it is difficult to manage but with the passage of time, things get easy and wife and mother can controlled and love easily.
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