Love In Islam

“Love” is a universal expression i.e. it does not need the bounds of language or nations or countries. It is for everyone no matter young or old, rich or poor. Love is not restricted to few relations or for few people but it is for every relation. Relations without love and respect do not last for long or such relations die their own death. Love without respect is nothing.

Islam preaches humanity and peace but with love. Islam also promotes respect and grace in every relation. This is included in the system of morality of islam.

Love must not be confused with the novels love affairs. They do not exist in islam and they have no reality even in our daily lives. This kind of love attracts the young blood mostly and they most often cross their limits and cause themselves much harm. They leave their homes, break all relations and forget the commands of ALLAH just for the sake of few hours of their desires. Such people do not live for long together.

The purest love exists between ALLAH and HIS creation. HE loves us so much that we live under HIS constant blessings and mercy even when we commit sins. Then for every muslim it is most important path of his faith that he should love Messenger of ALLAH Muhammad more than any other human being. For every muslim the love of Muhammad s.a.w.w must be more than anything and he must care for the respect of Muhammad s.a.w.w.

ALLAH swt said in Quran;
Al-Quran 3:031
“Say, “If you love Allah, then follow me. Allah will love you! And He will forgive your sins. Allah is the most Forgiving, and the most Merciful!””

From the above verse, we see that ALLAH swt told Muhammad s.a.w.w said that if people would love you, ALLAH will love them. This means to get the love of ALLAH we all must love Muhammad s.a.w.w. thus islam is based on love otherwise a person cannot be a true muslim any way.

Mother also loves her kids and no other human relation can ever attain this much love. Mother loves her kids unconditionally. She feels their pain inside her heart and if her kids are happy, no one is happier than mother. This is why according to a hadith, Muhammad s.a.w.w said that 75 percent of child’s love is for his mother and only 25 percent of it is for fathers because fathers do not take pain and any responsibility in upbringing their kids which mothers take.

The relationship of sister and brother is also build with love and respect. For sisters, brothers are their protection against the unwanted evil and for brothers, sisters are caring angels.
For husband, wife is a personality to be loved, respected and to deal with care and for wife husband is to be loved to be respected and to not go against him.

For friends, the relationship means, fun, sharing respect and love. True friends not only help each other but also have love for each other.

Hence every relation is built with love and respect. Humans would not have existed if there was no love between them. It is due to love that huge fights end with smiles and it is only because of love that ALLAH swt forgives his most sinful slaves just with one sincere prayer and a tear of repentance.

Love has been misinterpreted and misunderstood the most by humans and it is now shortening to the illicit relationship between boy and girl. For people who like each other and have developed love, for them Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w said that for those who love / like each other, there is nothing else liked than marriage. So if youngsters or people of any age like each others, their next step should be to marry the person.
Love is a very beautiful expression and it has so much vastness that there is no word to explain it. ALLAH loves and HE expects HIS creatures to live Him and His creation back.
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