Umar Farooq R.A

Umar farooq r.a. also known as farooq-e azam was the second rightly guided caliph of islam. He got the caliphate of muslims after abu bakar siddique r.a.

When islam came, hazrat umar farooq r.a. was one of the bitter enemies of islam. He was so much annoyed with islam that he never wanted to see it prosper. His own sister and brother in law accepted islam one day he was roaming around when someone told him that if he is so much worried to stop islam, he should stop his sister and her husband first. He went her hoem furiously, when he was in the door he heard his sister reciting the verses of Quran. He was stuck in the door. His heart went to so humble that he returned and placed his sword in the feet of Muhammad s.a.w.w and accepted islam. ALLAH swt chose islam for him or he was chosen for islam.

There were two umars who were very brave in the time of Muhammad sa.w.w. One of umar bin khitab and the other was uman bin hasham. Muhammad s.a.w.w prayed to ALLAH to give him anyone from them. ALLAH swt listenend to His prayer and made umar bin khatab r.a. the warrior of islam.

Umar r.a. was known for his anger and for his bravery. When he accepted islam, all his anger was gone and all his energy and smartness was left only to defend islam and to spread it. Muhammad s.a.w.w used to appreciate the piety of umar farooq r.a. and He said that if anyone wanted to know the true islam, he should look at umar r.a. and ask him regarding the matters of islam.

Umar farooq r.a. was an intelligent person who laid down his govt. on new smart foundations. He made police department, set the navy and made intelligence department in his govt. he divided the huge area under his rule among the people whom he made governors and ranks below and higher than them.  During his caliphate, he led many expeditions to conquer more lands. His last expedition was to conquer Palestine and to spread islam there.

He was the most just ruler and caliph and the best thing among the other best things of his rule was the justice. He used to listen to people and he was so humble and fearful that his people even questioned him easily and openly without his fear.

He was so fearful of his caliphate that he said that even if a kid (small goat) dies at the bank of river, he will be asked to this death”.

His words show that his duty was not a money making source nor was it meant to lead a luxurious life but it was a constant tension and fear for him.

Unlike the rulers of today who tyrant, greedy and do not fear ALLAH he was God conscious and nice and just ruler. May ALLAH be pleased with him. Amin.
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