Who Is Shaitan?

Shaitan or satan is the biggest evil and worst character right from the beginning of human race. Satan was not created along with humans, he was created long back but he chose his way to misguide humanity till the last day of this world as his own wish. This evil character is from the very beginning of our race is misguiding people and earning for his followers, the worldly pleasure and the fire of hell in the hereafter.

The story of satan who is known as iblees is written in Quran in detail. Satan was from the race of jinns and it is written in tafsir ibne khatir that before humans, jinns used to live on earth as we do now. Though jinns live with us even now, but they live in different dimensions under different circumstances. So, satan was a very beautiful kid who angels found crying on earth. They took him to arsh with the permission of ALLAH and with HIS will, angles raised him on arsh. Satan was so blessed, before he chose curses of ALLAH and all HIS creation that he grew on arsh in between the love and noor. There was no one to misguide him and no one to mistreat him. He was so pious and full of piety that because of his sincere and true worship of ALLAH day and night, he was the biggest worshiper on arsh even more than the angels.

Then one day, ALLAH swt decided to create a creature who will be well be more knowledgeable then every other being. When ALLAH swt declared HIS decision, angels asked HIM that why is HE creating a creature who will again cause fasad and fights in earth. ALLAH Swt told them that they do not know what ALLAH knows hence satan was also informed about the news. He once visited the arsh and reached that place where the empty soil made structure of adam a.s. was placed. He examined it and even went inside it and then left the structure and said to himself that what is in this structure which has made him the most knowledgeable. Actually satan did not liked the idea of another being who will be the most knowledgeable than everyone else, even more knowledgeable than him.

From here, a feeling of self pride and rage for adam a.s. developed in his heart. When ALLAH blew the rooh inside adam a.s. the soil structure became the body of flesh and bones with life. ALLAH swt called everyone and asked adam a.s. to repeat what HE told him. Adam a.s. repeated what ALLAH swt told him and angels said that they indeed never knew this which this creature know. Than ALLAH swt commanded everyone to bow (prostrate) before adam a.s. everyone did except satan. When he was asked, he said that this human made of soil is no match to me, I am made of fire while this human is made of soil which is lower, so I will never bow before this lower creature.

This was a deviation from ALLAH’s ways and a clear cut war against all humanity. ALLAH swt cursed him and told him to leave jannat at that very moment. He said that he wants the time till qayamt so that he can misguide humanity and will never let them live like pure muslims. ALLAH swt took his challenge and gave him time till the last day and that he was free to do whatever he wanted. Then satan left jannat and arsh and started looking for the ways to harm humans.

When ALLAH swt created adam a.s. HE also created from his rib, his mate ama hawa, eve. They were told to roam around in jannat and eat whatever they wanted but they were forbidden to go near one tree which was not for them and which could cause them harm. Satan was listening and he got a chance to harm the two humans. Satan approached eve and told her that ALLAH has only stopped them to eat the most delicious fruit. Eve fell into his trap and compelled adam a.s. to eat that fruit. As soon as both ate that fruit, they both went naked. They then got to know that thye were misguided. They were then sent down on earth where we humans are bound to live till the last day.

Al-Quran 2:036
“Then did Satan make them slip from the (garden), and get them out of the state (of felicity) in which they had been. We said: "Get ye down, all (ye people), with enmity between yourselves. On earth will be your dwelling-place and your means of livelihood - for a time."”

Satan is a real evil and the only cause of hatred between humans. He makes people see dreams of worldly desires and then throws them in a pit deeper and deeper from where, if they do not realize, they cannot get back. ALLAH swt has said at several places in Quran that satan is the open enemy of humans. He surely is. But ALLAH’s mercy exceeds everything and even satan is powerless before ALLAH but since ALLAH swt has given him time so he is a test and trial for humans.

“Satan makes them promises, and creates in them false desires; but satan's promises are nothing but deception.”

From the character of satan, some conclusions can be made;

1: satan is a creation of free will so he chose for him the curse out of his self pride and ignorance.

2: satan is not as powerful as humans because he can only misguide us when we want ourselves to be misguided.

3: a God conscious person will not fell into the trap of satan with ALLAH’s command and will.

4: satan is a form of test and trial for us.

5: because of satan we humans were sent down to a place which is not good.

6: we can fight satan easily only if we do not let him play with our nafs.
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