Muslims need to come up in media

Today’s age is media’s age. It was said that world is one click away from our home but now it will be right to say that turn on your TV and you are seeing the world. Media is so powerful today that through it, every idea and concept is propagated. This most powerful tool is been used by every power to propagate its ideas and to influence people.

Islam is been targeted by media the most. After 9/11, those who did not even know what does a Muslim mean now accuse Islam and Muslims for everything that happens around them. Islam has been maligned so much through media and this has been done by the west because they fear Islam and Muslims more than a nuke.

Like media is being used as a tool against Muslims, Muslims should also use media as a powerful tool to propagate the message of Islam which is nothing but peace and humanity. What is known by a common western about Islam is that Islam means to kill non Muslims and to wage war against those who are not Muslims and to make people accept Islam any way. This is wrong, we do not see nothing like that in Quran or sunnah or even from the lives of the pious men of ALLAH. If nothing like that is found in Islam then why is the western media saying it all?

The only reason is to stop Islam and Muslims. After 9/11, which was planned to wipe the Muslims from the world, instead of facing a downsizing Islam progressed faster and many non Muslims accepted Islam because they found out that whatever they were told about Islam and Muslims were plan lies.

Muslims are now using media very effectively but they need to be more active than ever before. In the name of entertainment and fun, the same anti Muslim media is now targeting Muslim youth particularly. They now air those programs which attract youth and are now famous seasonal programs. This is nothing but to lead the Muslim future astray. To give them the jaw breaking reply is what we need the most today. We do not need singing competitions, or dancing programs, we do not need absurd and far from reality movies and drama serials, we do not need the sports that continue day and night and keep their viewers busy for hours.

To waste Islam in useless activities is disliked by Islam. This time we are spending in this world is so short that when the time of departure will come, most of us will be crying and longing for the time to come back so that we could ask for forgiveness again.

Muslims need to use media to propagate Islam and to make and build a society with Islamic fundamentals.
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