Introduction to Quranists (Hadith Rejectors)

ALLAH swt has said on several places to obey Him and to obey HIS messenger Muhammad s.a.w.w without any doubt. Below are given those verses in which ALLAH swt said so;

Al-Quran 3:032

Say, “Obey Allah, and obey the messenger!” But if they turn away (beware), Allah does not like the unbelievers.

Al-Quran 3:132
And Obey Allah and the messenger. Perhaps you may receive mercy.

Al-Quran 4:014

Those who disobey Allah and His messenger, and stray beyond His limits, are the ones whom He will hurl into the hellfire. They will stay there forever. There is a humiliating punishment for them.

Al-Quran 4:059

Oh you who believe! Obey Allah, obey the messenger, and (obey) those who occupy a position of authority among you. Then, should there arise a dispute among you concerning anything, refer it to Allah and the messenger _ if you (really) believe in Allah and the Last Day. That is much better and will (prove to) be the best outcome.

Al-Quran 5:092

Obey Allah, obey the messenger and beware! Should you turn away, remember that Our messenger is responsible only to convey and make the message manifest.

Al-Quran 8:020

Oh you who believe! Obey Allah and His messenger, and do not turn away and disregard after you hear the message.

Al-Quran 8:046

Obey Allah and His messenger and do not dispute, lest you lose courage and your strength wanes. Persevere patiently. Indeed Allah is with those who are patient.

And there are many other verses that talk about obeying ALLAH and then HIS Messenger s.a.w.w in order to complete the deen and to be a true muslim. But with the passage of time, few groups emerged which denied obeying Muhammad s.a.w.w by rejecting ahadith completely by saying that they doubt the validity and authenticity of hadith. They not only reject ahadith but their priests also altered the meaning of the verses of quran. These people are called quranists. They think that they aresticking to the real divine message only which is complete and does not need any adjoining source of knowledge.

These are the deviated groups who do not understand that ALLAH swt HIMSELF mentioned it on several places to obey Him and His Messenger Muhammad s.a.w.w in order to attain mercy.
Muhammad s.a.w.w prophesied about such people in the following hadith.

Ibn Maajjah,

Hadith no.12

Al-Miqdaam Ibn Madi Yakrib narrates that Rasoolullah(SAW) said "Very soon there will be an era when a person sitting on a pillow, And when the HADITH will be presented to him(As proof), he will say 'Only Quran is sufficient for you and me, whatever is Haraam and Halaal in this book is indeed Haraam and Halaal'. Be aware! If Rasool(SAW) makes it haraam, it is like how Allah has made it haraam."

How can the quranists reject the above hadith?
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