Importance of Dawah

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and this growth has took a fast pace after the incident of 9/11. Suddenly, one part of world realized that islam is the root cause of all the troubles and suddenly more and more people started accepting islam and proved that ALLAH plans better than few humans.

This all happened due to extensive dawah after the false propaganda against islam done day and night by the liars and islamophobes. The rapid growth of islam has happened only after fearful men of ALLAH took this task to spread the truth of islam in every corner of the world without fear. Some of them died, some were imprisoned while some are still doing dawah despite of all the hurdles placed in their way. Thus, the importance of dawah can be seen from the spread of islam.  Before starting dawah, there are certain rules that one must follow so that he can be successful in his purpose.

ALLAH swt says in Quran 42:015
Such is the case! Therefore, (oh Muhammad, SAW), invite (towards His way), and just as you have been ordered, strictly adhere to it yourself. Do not (ever) follow their wishes and whims. Say, “I believe in the books Allah has revealed. My orders are to treat you fairly. Allah is my Lord and He is your Lord too. Our deeds are for us, and for you are yours! (Let there be) no argument between you and us. Allah will gather and summon us before Him. Towards Him is our return.”

From the above verse many lessons can be extracted, two of the most important of them are; the one who invites other towards islam must himself be a practicing muslim first and he must not sell his faith by falling to the wishes and whims of islam haters. In another place, ALLAH swt said;

Nobody’s assertions could better (and more trustworthy) than the words of a person who invites others towards (the worship of) Allah, acts righteously and says, “Indeed, I am among those who surrender and submit (to Allah).”

Thus, the words spoken by the one who is a da’I are better because he invites other in the path of ALLAH. here better means that the one who invites others in the way of ALLAH cannot lie and tell false stories which are not associated with islam and that has nothing to do with Quran or Sunnah.

ALLAH swt says in Quran that dawah cannot be done in harsh attitude, but it is the politeness and the kindness that is needed the most for the spreading of deen.

“Invite (all) to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious”

ALLAH swt Himself tells us to be nice and kind, this I sso because in order to make others understand the value of islam, one must give weight to his words, and words can be made important of the person speaking them has a good image.

After how to do dawah we need to understand the importance of dawah. First and the most important thing, today some modern so-called muslims cease the way of dawah by saying that religion is a matter of personal choice, this is not it. It is a duty imposed on us by ALLAH swt to spread our deen. It was a matter of a nation before Muhammad s.a.w.w brought the finality of Islam. Now islami is for all, and it cannot reach others if not told.
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